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Students Move: Document Settings needed for 2019-2020 (Document)

Information for regions of the country for transfer students sent by Interior Minister……

namely the way in which transitional adjusted number of issues with the ID NO: 15 of n.4625 / 2019.

In particular the number. 63183/11.9.2019 document of, P.. Theodorikakos, knows in the following regions:

A) In the first paragraph of regulated ID NO: 15 cases pending until the beginning of the school year 2019-2020 competitions, for which the Economic Commission may decide to entrust the performance of the relevant services for temporary bidders or contractors provisional until completion of the competitions with the signing of the relevant contracts and no later than 30.6.2020.

B) cases set in the second paragraph of that ID NO: 15:

(i) it was not possible from the regions concerned to proclaim competitions,

(ii) new needs arose after the launching of tenders,

(iii) there are unspent routes for which either no bids were submitted or the tenders submitted were judged inappropriate,

(iv) They have emerged as bidders or temporary contractors to outstanding competitions, for which the Economic Commission may decide extend until 30.6.2020, the execution of the contracts were in force on 30.6.2019. In each case, taking into account criteria of economy and ensure genuine competition.

These settings, They are transitional character, to ensure the smooth transfer of pupils throughout the Country, and until the completion of treatment, by the Ministry of Interior, the new regulatory framework of the issue.

Furthermore, It is reminded that, under ar.3tis arithm.50025 / 2018KYA (Β΄4217), It may be administered temporarily subsidized students to complete both the competition and other transportation procurement procedures.

It has already been sent to all Regions model notice for awarding school transport service contracts with Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).

Expected new declarations of DPS, in conjunction with the information that can be drawn from the information system “myschool” Ministry of Education & Religious, contribute decisively to prompt carrying out of competitions, more transparent and less administrative burden.

In this context, the Ministry of Interior urges constantly tested by the transport services of their Regions in cooperation with public bodies urban or intercity and municipal transport, the possible contribution of the latter through modification of existing or provision new route, in order to meet the mobility needs as much as possible larger number of students and to ensure the proper management of public funds.

End, the document noted that the Interior Ministry will take steps to further information and education the competent officials of the Regions for the operation of a dynamic purchasing system.

The document

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