Reducing the limit of transactions cash in 300 euro from 500 ευρώ προβλέπει το νομοσχέδιο «Φορολογική μεταρρύθμιση με αναπτυξιακή διάσταση για την Ελλάδα του αύριο» given yesterday for public consultation by the Ministry of Finance.

The last minute changes, especially in the provision for electronic transactions, the bill came late last night for public consultation, which will run until 14 November, provides inter alia:

Reducing the threshold to 300 euro 500 euro for cash transactions. Markets over 300 euro must be made exclusively with electronic transactions.

– Employed, retirees, freelancers and rentiers should conduct costs equal to 30% their real income by electronic means, with penalty 22% on the difference. For the calculation of 30% reflect the actual income of the taxpayer, but does not include the amount of the solidarity contribution.

Where expenditures have been made relating to income tax payments of individuals and ENFIA, loan liabilities to financial institutions and rentals, exceeding the 60% real income, the required percentage of expenditure limited by 30% in the 20%.

From 1January 2020 all shopping and all kinds of business and professional should now not accept cash transactions exceeding 300 euro.

In accordance with the provision tax information (invoices, proof) worth 300 Euros and over issued for selling goods or services to individuals, should redeemed of recipients, buyers of goods or services, exclusively by the use of means of payment card or other electronic means of payment, including but not limited to bank transfer, payment payment account, an electronic wallet.

Otherwise, provided fine!! The fine currently in force, They are 100 euro, per transaction, but may be adjusted.

Even exemptions for taxpayers who have objective means of using electronic payment difficulties as taxpayers age 70 years and older, disabled, residents of small villages and islands.

The limit of e-costs limited to 5.000 euro to taxpayers with seized accounts.