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Reduced charges for calls to consumers within the EU.

New reduced charges valid from 15/5/2019 for international calls and international sms, conducted by landline or mobile phone, within the EU…..

According to EETT information to consumers:
The new reduced fees apply for international calls and international sms conducted by landline or mobile phone in the European Union (EU.) to another EU country, as well as to Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland.
particularly, consumers within the EU. They will pay for every call to and from landline or mobile to 0,19 EUR / min excluding VAT for each SMS to 0,06 euro / sms before VAT.
Note that This new regulation concerns domestic consumers holding contract and prepaid and does not apply to corporate customers (professionals and businesses).
"EETT monitors compliance by telecommunications providers to the new rules and monitor developments in the international calls market in EU, in cooperation with the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) and the European Commission ", outlined in the National Commission of Telecommunications and Post.
Already in our country this decision begins to be implemented.
The Wind announced that for prepaid customers and contract mobile for individuals' costs for calls to international fixed and mobile European Union countries decreased from € 0,9073 / minute at € 0,2356 / min, a charge per minute. The charge ", continues the announcement, "To send messages to international mobile EU countries decreased by € 0,2108 to 0,0744 € per sms».
also, the company announces to stable clients that 'retail postpaid fixed, the charge for international calls to mobile and fixed EU countries decreased by € 0,6640 - € 1,8000 / minute at € 0,2474 / min, pay-per-minute ".
The charges include taxes.

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