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Do you drink a little ... more;

with the help of special, Dimitris Petsas.

Did celebrations, holidays, during visits good friends and relatives, recreational evenings with good company in a beautiful home or even outside, in a warm environment, You get used to drink little bit more up ... eventually overdo; You see the drinks are necessarily at a party, a concentration, a relaxed evening stroll, the summer, on vacation, etc., so I tend to prefer them occasionally and in moderation, to overdone!

The truth is what you need caution its consumption, to accompany us pleasantly with the unique way, and painlessly. Besides the beneficial repeatedly stressed the importance moderate and frequent consumption alcohol in organic health and obviously in psychology and reverse the effect on consumption and extravagance.

Yes, can make good!

Indeed ample studies have shown that moderate consumption can be a healthy habit, particularly regarding heart health, circulatory and beyond. Indeed, a recent study in women showed that light (to moderate) -usually defined as consumption one or two servings daily- Alcohol, especially red wine, It is not only beneficial for the heart, but also for the health-conscious, although it may give some 110 until 130 calories / serving!

As alcohol portion is defined as a glass of water in beer, a glass of wine in wine and a "shot" to any other "heavy" drinking

But what means "lion";

Sure, here rather 'Hallam', after serving as alcohol is defined as a glass of water (240ml) to beer, a glass of wine (120ml) a wine and a "shot" (or two fingers, 50ml) any other "heavy" drinking as whiskey, vodka, liqueurs and other liqueurs. So respectively, 3-4 servings per week determine the light consumption 5-7 moderate, where in any case we are talking about 1-2 workshops daily maximum, as average. Of course this does not mean -as many want to believe- we can "equalize" the days of abstinence debauchery weekend or Assumption (we drink 3-4 drinks and 1-2 shots at least- monokopania). You see those who systematically engage in more "sporty", face twice as likely for their hearts than those who drink similar amounts of alcohol, but in smaller portions with more fixed rate, avoiding the excesses of the day, according to a later French scientific research. This is because not only how one drink, but also the how fast, significantly increases the risk for health, for the liver and the heart of. So basically confirmed previous studies that show best small amount of alcohol on a regular basis, despite a large amount of one-off, after heavy alcohol consumption can damage health.

Yes, but without celebration drink not

Of course. The drink is an integral element for many reasons. It must, Nevertheless, but remember that the good times It is not commensurate quantity of alcohol and spend it not necessarily better as you continue to drink. Unlike grow much chances the night does not end as you would like, especially at parties where the beautiful moments and fun are frantic and last until dawn. On the other hand, It is not feasible 1-2 drinks in hand throughout the night. So what do we do;

The consumption 2 Water glasses for each drink is a good technique to not drink much

Οδηγίες προςParty Animals

It is very important therefore to have an alcohol response plan. If you normally drink with relaxation, Reduce the amount of alcohol you drink each time, B.C. drinking enough water, so as not to feel thirsty when you start to drink. A good tactic is to drink at least 2 glasses of water for each drink. It helps in many ways, after the first drink that you drink, promotes a slight pressure drop -efergetiki action- thus we ask ... salty (to why "pulls so much the body with drink)! later, Nevertheless, consumption of our saltiness leads to liquid search! If this is again drink and keep the saltiness, or pressure is now increasing (and fluid retention), so very diuron (so that's why the drink and go the toilet more often) and de facto, dehydrated and want again to extinguish our thirst. If this is done with drink again, the vicious cycle continues! the tactic, Nevertheless, the above "break" Water helps both in reducing alcohol and in constant contact with a full glass, to toast, but not to give target unjust ... kakocharaktirismous of "the snooty, not drinking, etc. ".

The,Whatever you drink, hold the meter

delight hand, is not responsible

As most trivial it may sound, both timely and necessary is this attitude. Instead of "xedosete 'with drink, try to focus on all these aspects of social events, that make them special, enjoyable and really thank our (B.C. chatting with friends, it has no time for relaxation, recreational atmosphere, summer etc.). as capable, but not completely necessary condition, you will see that the drink is the best accompanying moments these and not the end in itself! Keep subway, like every time. You will not only spend brilliantly and safely (if eg. after driving), but you will do good for your health and your spirit. It is no coincidence that the English drink is said to be "spirit" (spirit);

Have fun!!

Dimitrios Petsios Msc Clinical dietitian – www.dia-trofis.gr

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