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Beer Nectar of people!! The 53 rules of!!

and we are just happy to have dozens if not hundreds of labels from which we daily have to choose. Whichever stone you pick up you will find a formula so fanatic with beer!!

Beers that are either imported or produced in our land from large and small breweries.

Rules and for beer….

  • beer Greek. so exist, give a chance
  • The "I went out for a beer", He never believed anyone. You went to many beers
  • In lager we say yes even though we love redheads
  • Ψηλές, short, blonde brunette, weak, thick, all good. Για μπύρες λογικά τραγουδούσε ο Χαριτοδιπλωμένος
  • And drink beer, drink beers, drink beers
  • The plastic cup is the coffin of beer.

, Beer Nectar of people!! The 53 rules of!!

  • Beer – barrel – rubber, someone to connect to
  • When we buy box, to drink from the box. When we buy bottle, to drink from the bottle. If God wanted to drink beer in the glass pavilion, would give wings, or something like this.
  • It has been observed that beer is about 34% most delicious when you see ball.
  • The thirst for water is quenched with beer. The thirst for beer is not quenched by water.
  • The Americans won their independence when they flew the English tea sea and began beers
  • Grows grows strong kids

, Μπύρα το νέκταρ των ανθρώπων!! Οι 53 κανόνες της!!

  • You have not felt summer without fries, Greek salad and beer
  • In beer seems the human character. Sits, drink and says
  • And those who write the beer, they are humans
  • Helping ugly peaople have sex since 1862
  • The beer pong is the best game you can play with your friends. Mainly because losing drinking beers.
  • You can make in your home beer. Open the fridge, take off bottle, drinking beer.
  • Concert, beer, beer, concert, beer, concert, Headbanging
  • Warm only in English
  • Many cheap beers > few good / accurate beers
  • When you have access to draft, Always choose draft. For English-speakers draught.

, Beer Nectar of people!! The 53 rules of!!

  • There are three categories of people: The “πάμε για κανά καφέ” (They are the most tzenerik, do not), the “πάμε για ποτό” (απέχουν χιλιοστά από το να πουνπάμε για ποτάκικαι απλά ΜΗΝ), and the “πάμε για μπύρα”. No matter whether you actually go for beer: Το σωστό είναι πάνταπάμε για μπύρα”.
  • Warm beer does not work like cold food. commonly, if your warm beer show a little self-respect, pour the, opened new.
  • Θάνατος σε αυτόν που τη σερβίρει με ξηρούς καρπούς και όχι πατατάκια.
  • Black beer = Ireland
  • Beer and shot of whiskey. Not together, no submarine. side – sideways supplement
  • Do not drink, wash your hair
  • Beers from the booth and stairs at the Benaki end. A nice way to spend your childhood.
  • Beer is half the battle concerning the campsite.
  • And the rest of life, possibly.

  • Beer anchors, dared to shout someone and prosecution locked in the fridge for twelve months.
  • They live among us bartender that when serving beer, cut foam. They know
  • The only reason to get a small glass of beer why fix small tower is not sitting well your great
  • Do not be afraid to try labels not know. In microbrewery hiding nice
  • There are historical and beers are very young and beers. Hint: Are all beers
  • Your refrigerator must have beers for all tastes. blondes, black, red, weiss and and and
  • May everything we buy a barrel be our home (Final 4, Champions League, Eurovision, season finale several rows).

, Μπύρα το νέκταρ των ανθρώπων!! Οι 53 κανόνες της!!

  • No-beer zone: Hours 9misi as 12misi morning and 4 as 5misi afternoon.
  • Just kidding, there is no-beer zone.
  • If you have not yet reached the brand leave it, get whiskey.
  • commonly, directory only ask if you are a beer and want to try something different.
  • In kavatza who drink, not go with girl. The stories will learn will not raise much in the look of.
  • Byyyyyyyyra. During Iiiiiirara
  • The foam protects the beer. did not know, not rotages;
  • The water is not beer. stolen.
  • Rumors say that someone has a friend who does not like beer
  • A equals none
  • Byrokoili. Another myth

  • Weiss. No former player of Olympiakos
  • We drink a little water in between, indirect;
  • The ale is the family.
  • lager, lager, lager, it says at one point of the Underworld Born Slippy.

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