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Municipality of Mykonos: The KEP of the Municipality of Mykonos will remain closed on Wednesday 27 January

O Δήμος Μυκόνου ενημερώνει ότι με αφορμή κρούσμα σε εργαζόμενο του Κέντρου Εξυπηρέτησης Πολιτών , οι υπηρεσίες που στεγάζονται στο κτίριο ΚΕΠ στη περιοχή της Αργύραινας θα μείνουν αύριο Τετάρτη 27 Ιανουαρίου κλειστές και για προληπτικούς λόγους αυτή τη στιγμή πραγματοποιούνται απολυμάνσεις, in accordance with all health protocols ………

In addition, we inform that after consultation with the Occupational Physician of the Municipality of Mykonos and according to instructions of EODDY, The close contacts of the employee in question have also been placed under house arrest.

in addition to, in collaboration with the Health Center, tests will be performed on municipal employees working in this service at the appropriate time from a health point of view. In any case, we are in cooperation with the competent authorities for the implementation of the necessary health protocols.

The Municipality of Mykonos invites citizens to use electronic services, regarding the handling of their cases as follows:


We wish the employee a speedy and complete recovery and we hope that he will be healthy again soon.

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