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Municipality of Syros: Continue to systematically implement all necessary measures against the spread of COVID-19

On the occasion of the rapid increase of new cases of COVID-19 both in Greece and Europe, which has reasonably caused concern for all of us, We inform that the Municipality of Syros - Ermoupolis is on constant alert and monitors consistently and responsibly the developments……

As the health situation on our island is at very good levels, we invite all residents and visitors of our island continue to systematically implement all necessary measures for preventing its transmission and spread COVID-19, with emphasis on the following:


  • We wash our hands regularly and meticulously with soap and water or with an alcoholic solution and avoid contact of hands with face (eyes, nose, mouth).
  • Cover cough or sneezing with a paper towel which we discard immediately in the trash. If this is not available, cover with the inside of the elbow.
  • If we experience mild symptoms respiratory infection (cough, catarrh, fever ≤ 37,6 °C, sore throat) we stay at home in isolation and monitor our health.
  • In case of worsening of the symptoms or when the mild symptoms persist for more than 5 days or if we belong to a vulnerable group (elderly, people of any age with chronic medical conditions eg. Diabetes, cardiovascular and chronic respiratory diseases, Arterial hypertension, immunodeficiency) contact a doctor immediately for evaluation.
  • If we take medication obeying the instructions of physicians.


  • We do not come into contact with people who show symptoms of a respiratory infection systemic (cough, catarrh, fever, sore throat).
  • Avoid areas promiscuity, home visits and stay outdoors in synchronization conditions.
  • We avoid all nonessential travel both at home and abroad.
  • We strictly avoid visits to inpatients.
  • strictly avoid contact with people who belong to vulnerable group. If this is not possible, strictly follow all the personal hygiene (very good and thorough handwashing, use mask or at least keeping distance 2 measures).

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