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Myiste children to read!! The diversity of people, it is taught nowhere better than through a good book!!

Too many debates have been and are for children's books and many attempts by parents and teachers to initiate children in this. Is it so important that children read; And if so, why;….

Yes it is extremely important that children learn to read extracurricular books from small and love reading, perhaps more important than,It appears prima facie.

First of all, through books, They travel to worlds that could not be otherwise aware, They learn things you could not learn otherwise, cultivate their imagination and inspiration, make thoughts about themselves and their daily lives and broaden their horizons.

And there is no more important thing for the subsequent life of a child from being open to thoughts, situations, experiences, They are familiar with those from small.

Diversity and the diversity of people, acceptance of the other, the value of coexistence and respect every form of diversity is not taught nowhere better than through a good book.

Of course not forgetting the entertainment factor – and this should have more on their mind some authors who write children's books with the sole aim to learn some things children or their pass messages on specific topics.

The kid is all over this kid and primarily wants, reading, It is to entertain and have fun, otherwise you will get bored.

A book, to accomplish this, You should be able to keep undiminished interest, do be absorbed by history, to identify with the heroes, anxious to follow.

Then it is more than certain that the child will be well spent and will not want to leave the book from his hands.

Difficult but, when it happens, children experiencing reading with the joy of the game, which is the aim.

Another big plus is that children, reading small, familiar with the correct use of the language and learn to better express themselves and to use more varied vocabulary and targeted – both written and spoken language.

Good or bad, no school can help so effectively in this or in any case the aid reaches up to a point.

also, Dealing with children's book brings children with parents, or at least that should happen.

That's because, since the child read the book, it is necessary to pursue discussion with the parent about what he liked and what not, what impressed, what puzzled, what would be otherwise.
It's going to be a discussion where the child will express his concerns, better understand some things and there will be a fruitful exchange of views.
Prerequisite for’ this, the parent has read and the book itself, or even to know several things about’ this, and not bored this process, since it is as important and useful and the actual time of reading.

also, it is unreasonable to expect someone to suddenly become bibliophile as an adult when he has not learned to read since childhood

The same of course applies to all things. Although not familiar with the child something slowly than small, It will hardly be able to seek and to love when he grows up.
Well all that you say but many parents claim that their child does not love reading, bored, resent and prefers to do other things.
The child will not learn alone to love reading, we can not have such a requirement.

Prerequisite is watching and their parents to read, and a small family operated mimetics

We can not require their child something that they themselves do, or expect to sit quiet in his book when open the TV blaring at home.

It is essential reading to get the child's consciousness as something fun, we do it all because it gives us pleasure and not as something forced and compulsory.

Why then you would see it as a chore and it is reasonable to repel.

Also something else very important reading not recommended in children following the ban tablet or television.

It's like condemning, In this way, his relationship with the book. Είναι λάθος να καταγραφεί στη συνείδηση του παιδιού ότι το βιβλίο είναι το “good” ενώ ο υπολογιστής και η τηλεόραση το “bad” και απαγορευμένο.

Obviously he is a child to be cut off from its time and technology, provided there is a measure to use and very careful choice of material. All they need and all they have to offer something different to the child, coexisting. It should not be demonized nothing.

In conclusion, yes there are many benefits of reading is very important to know a child loves.

But it will never be possible, if the parent he does not devote time, if love is presented as a liability if the altar of sacrifice other things that make the child happy.

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