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Mykonos – Ano Mera: Countdown forest maps!! The new deadlines throughout the country

Forest maps for Ano Mera – Mykonos, few more days deadline for objections, regarding forest maps, in total in 258 areas……

Deadline until the 27 February, are those who have to submit their objections on forest maps in New Eritrea, Thrakomakedones, Zefyri, Pine, Lykovrysi, Psychic and Transformation.

For residents abroad, The date is March 18th 2020.

Όπως αναφέρεται στο δημοσίευμα “THE NEWS”, beyond the areas the periods ending shows and those in which the suspension starts all over Greece as well and package with 258 areas within the month progresses partial ratification of forest maps with measures, promoted by the Ministry of Environment, to run faster examination of objections on forest maps.

particularly, in 12 days (ie in late February) begins the post of forest maps in Kastoria, Florina, Zakynthos, Heraklion and Lassithi.

And gradually until next June begins the post in Evros Regional Units, Rodopi, Xanthi, Grevena, Assam, Thesprotia, Preveza, Ithaca, Kefalonia, Lefkada, Aitoloakarnania, Haryana, Fthiotida, Viotia, Fokida, Argolida, Corinth, Ikaria, Lemnos, Chios, Karpathos, Kos, Rhodes Andros, Naxos, Thera (Municipality of Ios), Paros, Rethymnon and Chania.

Simultaneously within the month, proceeds partial ratification of forest maps in 258 areas across the country.

Detail some of these areas are:

– Karditsa: Saint Paraskevi, Holy Trinity, Agiopigis, St. Akaki, Agios Vissarion, St. George, St. Demetrios etc..

– Attica: Maroussi, Byron, sweet Water, painter, Kaisariani, Kropias, Megara, bee, Nea Ionia, Nea Makri etc..

– Cyclades: diamond, Anafi, Ano Mera [Mykonos], Ano Meria, Vothonas, Vourvoulos, Exo Gonia, Imerovigli etc..

– Magnesia: Alonissos, Volos, new Anchialos, Skiathos

– Kozani: Kozani

– Drama: Saint Paraskevi, Hadrian, Anthochori, upper boxwood, Argyropoleos, pears, Vathytopou etc..


From the Ministry of Environment recognizes the problem and that is why we are promoting a series of measures, in an effort to address the delays in opposition exams.

These interventions will be submitted for discussion in the near future.

So at first, the person will not wait to complete the objections throughout the Region.

When the objection examined and vindicated by the Commission Objections, then he can automatically use the property as he thinks and as provided by law.

At the same time promoted the growth of tripartite committees Objections (from 142 today to 300).

And will be given incentives for their establishment as the remuneration of the members of the Committees will be linked to the number of objections to examine.

Furthermore supports the adoption Ministerial Decree providing for the breadth of the field of forest maps.

This is to put a barrier to government claims and protected areas where there have been land reforms and peasants on farms getting even subsidies.

What about the lodging of objections

Those wishing to submit objections on the forest map should be aware that they are available to the 120 days to do.

After said period following the partial authentication of forest map.

It clarified that the objections submitted exclusively online through the specific application developed by the Land and available at (www.ktimatologio.gr).

The objections submitted for all or part of forest / grassland character areas included in parcel / polygon on which the person claiming a legitimate interest.

For each parcel submitted an online form objection, except when part of the disputed area subjected submitting the objection free.

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