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Mykonos Arrests: They were immediately investigated 8 shoplifting in Mykonos

They were immediately investigated, by police officers of the Police Department of Mykonos, 8 shoplifting in Mykonos and two local perpetrators arrested, a car was also confiscated. car……

According to an announcement by the Police, were searched on Wednesday 20 January 2021, by Mykonos Police Department eight shoplifting and the perpetrators arrested.

It's about two natives against whom a criminal case was filed for committing distinguished thefts.

particularly, in the context of an immediate investigation into allegations of shoplifting and after a thorough police investigation, the three days 17 until 19 January 2021 the accused acting together in distinct roles (lookout – burglar) violated eight stores (health interest and trade) in which they withdrew money from the cash registers.

As it turned out, the perpetrators chose companies which they approached in the evening, that did not work, passengers in I.X.E.. car.

The car they were using was confiscated.

The arrested are being taken today to the Syros Prosecutor's Office.

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