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Mykonos Coast Guard: Replacement of old type speedboat pilot licenses

Mandatory Replacement of an old speedboat pilot license with a new type license. The Port Authority of Mykonos informs the operators that they have obtain a speedboat license, that the deadline for replacement of old ones extended and must replace it by 31-12-2021…..

The Port Authority of Mykonos, informs you that according to A.P.: 2131.5/76773/2019/23-10-2019 Decision of the Chief of Staff. – EL.AKT. (appointing authority: 6ΞΥ84653ΠΩ-ΣΓΗ):

The replacement deadline των παλαιών εντύπων των χορηγηθέντων αδειών χειριστών ταχύπλοων σκαφών παρατάθηκε έως και την 31-12-2021. Οι κάτοχοι των παλαιών εντύπων οφείλουν να προβούν μέχρι την ανωτέρω ημερομηνία στην αλλαγή των αδειών τους.

The replacement process, can be done through the electronic application e-IAS (https://edla.hcg.gr) με κωδικούς TaxisNet, where in the category “Speedboat pilot license” υπάρχει η δυνατότητα καταχώρησης σχετικής αίτησης Replacement of an old type speedboat pilot license, attaching the necessary supporting documents, ενώ το παλαιό έντυπο είτε θα αποστέλλεται στην υπηρεσία μας ταχυδρομικώς, είτε θα παραδίδεται κατόπιν ραντεβού απευθείας στη Λιμενική Αρχή Μυκόνου.

In case for any reason the access to the above electronic application is not possible, the processing of the application, when absolutely necessary, may be carried out in the personal presence of the person concerned or authorized by him, at the Port Authority of Mykonos.

It is noted that in the link https://edla.hcg.gr/help/ παρατίθενται detailed instructions, regarding the proper use of the application by external users, while additional categories will be added gradually / applications.

The Harbor Master

Lieutenant Commander L.S.. Ktenas Michael

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