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Mykonos Coast Guard: Arrest of a 45-year-old foreigner for drugs in Mykonos

A 45-year-old foreigner was arrested last night, Security Office executives- Drug Prosecution of the Mykonos Port Authority, στην περιοχή του Τούρλου της νήσου Μυκόνου…………
particularly, the aforementioned was found to be moving with the F.I.X.. owned and immobilized in order to be controlled by the above executives. We assisted in the control a police dog detecting drugs K-9 ”UGLY”, where the following were found:

  • Two (2) nylon bags containing fifty-nine (59) improvised nylon packages containing plant extracts of raw hemp weighing a total of two hundred and forty-six grams and fifty-eight tenths of a gram (246,58gr),
  • A (01) plastic packaging of painkillers, which contained eight (8) improvised nylon packages with a total gross weight of six grams and eighty-one tenths of a gram (6,81gr),
  • a package of vitamins containing twenty-three (23) nylon packages with a total gross weight of nineteen grams and fifty-four tenths of a gram (19,54g).

The Mykonos Port Authority, which is conducting the preliminary investigation, confiscated all the drugs, which will then be sent to the General State Chemist.. in addition to, two were confiscated (02) mobile phones as well as the sum of one thousand six hundred and thirty euros (1.630€).

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