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Mykonos – Francesco Vigliaris: The Agios Loukas cemetery in Mykonos Town has changed its appearance

All the years we visit (Sparse but all of us), that cemetery, we all had to say the word shame. Lately, however, with a culmination in the last days, his image has completely changed, by common confession of all the inhabitants, with zero costs, but with political will and will it became an important and important project………..

Asking the Mandated Municipal Councilor Francesco Vigliaris. Head of Cemeteries, He spoke to us with enthusiasm and joy about this small but very important thing that happened.

” We have been trying for a few months now, with the Mayor, so that our Cemetery becomes an ornament, and not left to its own devices. The tombs that were dangerous and almost dumped were closed, the trees were cut down (and in a few days the rest will be cut), the corridors were repaired, whitewashed, νέες βρύσες τοποθετήθηκαν και άσβεστώθηκε εσωτερικά ο περιμετρικός τοίχος.

Externally, however, the Great Change took place. At last, The square was completely cleaned and from a parking lot it became a beautiful square where every afternoon children play without the risk of wheelchairs and finally we have comfortable and decent access to the cemetery. We have all experienced ridiculous moments from funerals.

Benches were placed, door that locks with a padlock so that only necessary vehicles serving the cemetery have access.

In the last few days we have cleaned all the large flower beds that are outside the cemetery, Cypress and other plants were planted (offer of our fellow citizens).

We all have an obligation to have the Cemetery as it should be for our dead. Respect, αξιοπρέπεια στους κεκοιμημένους και για εμάς είναι δείγμα πολιτισμού.

I am sincerely happy with the result and we are obliged to protect the image that the Cemetery has now. In the next period we will start works in the Musaina cemetery of Ano Mera”.

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