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Mykonos – Grypareio: From June 1, the kindergartens of the Municipality of Mykonos will reopen

Dear Parents & Guardians,
According to the recent recommendation of the Commission for Dealing with Emergency Public Health Events by Infectious Diseases and the announcement of the Minister of Interior in 26/05/2020, Kindergartens across the country will reopen on June 1, 2020………

Both the Municipality of Mykonos and the Board of Directors of PAKO "G.. AXIOTIS ", have taken all necessary measures for health protection and disinfection for the safe return of children to the halls of Kindergartens.

The people in charge of the Kindergartens are responsible for ensuring the hygiene rules of your children. imposed to take all necessary and legal action to ensure the proper and safe operation of the Kindergartens for the health of infants and their families, as well as employees.

According to the new provisions as defined by the Ministry of Interior and EODY regarding the reopening of kindergartens, we are obliged to inform you of the following:

1. Infants belonging to vulnerable groups are advised to stay home.

2. Renovating the interiors of kindergartens requires increasing the distances between children's tables to avoid 1,5 subway.

3. You should seriously consider that adhering to the maximum number of serviced infants cannot exceed 15. Kindergarten departments will operate with up to 15 students at a time and with 1.5 meter distance to the desks. If students exceed them 15, then the section will be divided into 2 sub-sections.

They will also operate in rotation, Monday-Wednesday-Friday one, Tuesday-Thursday the other and next week the opposite.

4. In the morning when babies arrive at daycare centers, parents are required to wear a mask and gloves.. Also during their presence a thermometer will be measured with an ear thermometer or infrared. If the temperature exceeds the pathological value set by the pediatrician, the infant leaves and the pediatrician is informed..

Communication with parents should be timely and immediate.

5. If it is possible for elderly people such as grandparents or people with serious underlying diseases to avoid taking infants, because they are at greater risk of being cured than Covid-19.

From the management's point of view, all the necessary preventive measures have been fully observed (disinfection in all areas, distribution of thermometers, masks & gloves).

We will be happy to welcome our students back to our schools and we will be vigilant to learn all the necessary actions for the self-protection of children..

The Deputy Head of the Department
Preschool Education & Education
Gellou Kalliopi

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