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Mykonos Health Center – Dina Samsun: The Air of Benevolence is life-giving, Thanks

The difficult time of the pandemic we experienced, health structures have surpassed themselves and their standard capabilities. In this context, worked and Mykonos Health Center. Continuing today we are moving with the "above", the excess, positive charge and dedication. On this difficult and unprecedented route, us the life-giving wind of the benevolence of the whole society of the island was blowing.………

Your THANK YOU ALL to support and strengthen it HEALTH CENTER which proves, that united TOGETHER, WE CAN to create a society of hope.


The municipality of Mykonos, the mayor Mr.. Κ.Κουκά, the O.E., the services and employees who were our main ally on this difficult uphill route.


  • The Region of N. Aegean and the regional councilor Mr.. Σ.Βρίγγο
  • PAKO G.. Axioti
  • The DEYAM
  • The Association of Cancer Patients Mykonos
  • The Gastronomic Club of Mykonos


  • Mr. Ton. Angeletaki Alekos of EKO
  • Mr. Silver Mouth Florio from FLORIOS MYKONOS FOUNDATION
  • the Family. G. Daktilidis from the company ATLANTIDA
  • Mr. Daktilidi Niko from BLUE BLUE
  • Mr. Ring Stamatis and Damianos from TROPICANA
  • Mr. Zissimopoulos George from SEMELI hotel
  • Mr. Ktistaki Costa from FOTO EXPRESS
  • Mr. Koukouvelo Dimitris from the company of the same name
  • Mr. Koukouzeli Dimitris from KOUKOUZELI pharmacies
  • Ms. Triantafyllou Artemoula from ARTEMOULAS


  • Mr. Vigliaris Francesco
  • Mr. Gelos Nikos
  • Mrs. Zouganeli Evangelia
  • Mr. Zouganelis Lefteris
  • Mr. Zouganelis Michalis Baltas
  • Mrs. Kammi Anna
  • Mr. Kontizas A.. Nikos
  • Mr. Lykouris Pantelis
  • Mr. Lykouris Stefanos
  • Mrs. Monogiou Katerina
  • Mrs. Bougiouri Aleka
  • Mrs. Mountraki Theodora
  • ONED Mykonos
  • Mrs. Rousounelou D.. Mary
  • Mr. Tsekouras George
  • Mrs. Sytara Maria and Chrissi
  • Mrs. Hanioti Franzeska
  • Mrs. Ioanne Daktilidi
  • See
  • Ms. Shresha Roci

Special mention to all those who contributed in various ways to this unequal struggle anonymously.

End, a personal report.
I hope that the emergence of the pandemic will become the occasion to consolidate the defeat of our daily vanity. To come out of the darkness and let the light of the great values ​​of solidarity and humanity settle in our souls. What is certain is that this storm will pass one day! May he find us wiser on the shore.

The Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Mykonos Health Center
Samsun Dina

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