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Mykonos: The approval of the technical program 2020 dominated the meeting of the City Council

Invitation to the Annual Meeting of the Municipal Council of Mykonos
Meet at the invitation of the Chair, regularly hearing the City Council of the Municipality of Mykonos with 11 item on the agenda. The meeting will take place in Mykonos Town and….. Municipal Office Mykonos - Hall City Council Meeting – , on Thursday 20 February 2020 and time 12:00΄, according to the article 67 of Law. 3852/ 2010, to be discussed and adopted by the Municipal Council decisions on the following issues relating:

1.2nd EIA approval on the project "Maintenance and repairs of roads of the Municipality of Mykonos".
2.Fixing the borderline between the Community and the Community of Mykonos Ano Mera.
3.About participation of the Municipality of Mykonos and a proposal of the Operational Program "South Sea" entitled "Primary and Secondary Education Infrastructure".
4.decision determining the content of the notice for the choice of supporters of Citizen and the Company pursuant to article 77 of Law. 3852/2010.
5.Fixing the representation expenses to the President and the Vice-President of the Cultural, Sports and Social Organization "George Axiotis".
6.Defining a Municipal Advisor (Chairman) with deputy, as a representative of the Municipality of Mykonos to set up the A Grade Inspection Council theaters and cinemas and definition of an employee of the Municipality of Mykonos that acts as secretary.
7.constitution committee on conducting the autopsy for granting license office letting motopod / of- Bicycle.
8.Amending the charter of the internal water-supply company - drainage under the name "Municipal Enterprise- Sewage Municipality of Mykonos of Cyclades ", after document Decentralized Administration Aegean.
9.Composition of the Board of DEFAM after document Decentralized Administration Aegean.
10.Technical approval on year Municipality of Mykonos Program 2020.
11.Discuss different issues, applications etc..

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