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Mykonos: Special Meeting to approve the Budget 2020 the Municipal Council (Documents)

Subject of a special meeting of the Municipal Council , approval Budget Municipal plan Mykonos year 2020 …….

Special meeting of the Municipal Council of Mykonos, convene, on Monday 24 February 2020 and time 17:30΄, President of the Municipal Council, in the meeting room of the Municipal Branch, taking into account Article 67 of Law. 3852/2010, to be discussed and adopted by the City Council decision on the following theme:

  • "Approval of Budget Plan Municipality of Mykonos year 2020 after No.. 10/2020 The decision of. E. "

Excerpt from the minutes 03/18-02-2020 regular meeting of the Economic Committee and the Municipality of Mykonos Mykonos Budget year 2020

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