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Mykonos: New Tax evasion in the field of renting luxury homes in Elm, revealed new special operation Principle of authorization

Enterprise «Villa Juanita Dolores» the New Principle of authorization by revelation evasion in Mykonos, renting luxury homes. Its tax ferret undeclared villa posing as tourists…..

Tax fraud taking place in the field of renting luxury homes on islands and seaside resorts in the country, revealed a new special company auditors of the Independent Revenue Authority (Principle of authorization), codenamed «Villa Juanita Dolores».

Specifically, group of four tax collectors, after research on websites, assigned to the real estate agency that operates in Mykonos, searching luxurious accommodation, for the purpose of short-term residence in the "windy island". indeed, these auditors appeared to be concerned Spanish tourists! The estate office informed them that there was availability in early August.

So, at 2 August auditors arrived at Mykonos Airport, using Spanish names (Juanita, Dolores, Carlos, Antonio). There, luxury vehicle that had sent the agency:, their received from the VIP room at the airport and drove in a villa known businessman, in Ftelia.

The villa appeared the owner of real estate agency and the four tax officials toured the premises of the building. Subsequently, requested full details of the "clients", and how payment for the rental of accommodation. Note that the fee requested for 6 nights was 25.000 euro!

Then, its tax revealed their status and requested data broker and the customer who lived there in recent days, since the villa is closely monitored and, hence, controllers knew that the property in the previous period was rented.

The broker was willing to work with auditors, stating that recently had deposited in his bank account manager, operating the property from the owner, the amount of 19.200 euros 8 days stay.

The detailed investigation followed, revealed the following:

In April 2018 It was submitted to the TAXIS lease declaration of property, which was accepted by the tenant nine days later. This professional / commercial lease, monthly rent 1.666,67 euro and twelve years validity period. indeed, states that for the last four years the rent triples.

Nevertheless, the property owner does not declare income from rental property and do not submit Form E2, with this property appear as a secondary residence. Furthermore, the tenant of the property does not declare income from property holding, nor do commencement of trade as it should, although the deposits of customers who rent the villa made in his bank account.

Now, and then all these, The Principle of authorization proceeds in preference to regular checks for both specific individuals.

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