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Mykonos: Invitation to a Community Council meeting Ano Mera

The President of the new Community Council Ano Mera Peter G.. Stavrakopoulou, invites you on Thursday 17 October, at 17:00p.m., in ……..hall of the Community Store, taking into account Article 88 of Law. 3852/2010 Community Ano Mera, to discuss and to obtain from the Community Council decisions on the issues mentioned below:

  • On the recommendation of the Municipal Community Council members Ano Mera to complete the process of naming the field Ano Mera as Municipal Stadium Dorotheos standing .
  • Of necessity for tree pruning due to risk in public areas Square , schools , Kalafatis Beach using aerial .
  • About enterprise information to remove inscriptions from public areas , and suggestions for viewing the new season .
  • On the recommendation for immediate action Municipality of Mykonos , to undergo integration proposal to Leader 5 for tourist information kiosk , tennis courts , tomb of Ajax ( Elm ) .
  • Update 1 Equestrian Meeting in Mykonos after George initiative Kousathana ( dude ) , and testing for the presence of part of the event and Ano Mera .
  • On the recommendation for placement 2 metal containers for inert .
  • On information from the Association ASSM spokesman for the 1st ALL STAR GAME GREECE MOTOCROSS
  • Information on the immediate rehabilitation of roads in areas Elia ( Virgins) , good Meadow , Merja , and externally in front of the primary school Ano Mera .
  • Discuss different issues, documents, applications etc..

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