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Mykonos: Invitation to the Regional Meeting of the Community Council of Ano Mera

The President and the Directors of the Community Council Ano Mera, invite you, on Tuesday 19 January 2021 and time 17:00p.m., to participate in the peripheral meeting (via Internet)…….,
taking into account Article 88 of Law. 3852/2010 and the provisions of paragraph 1 of Article 10 the PNP (GG 55 / A / 03.11.2020) "Urgent measures to address the adverse effects of COVID-19 coronavirus and the need to limit its spread, but with Ref. 18318/13-03-2020 (appointing authority: 9LPCH46MTL6-1AE) Circular of the Ministry of Interior "Convergence collective bodies of municipalities, of Regions and the supervised entities, during the prevention and spread of COVID-19 coronavirus ”, to discuss and to obtain from the Community Council decisions on the issues mentioned below:

1. On information and submission of proposals to the Municipality of Mykonos and the South Aegean Region in order to preserve and restore the Windmills-monuments, in the area of ​​Pyrgos of Ano Mera in collaboration with the competent archaeological service and the owners .

2. On a suggestion to the Technical Service of the Municipality of Mykonos for crossing and signaling, in front of the kindergarten of Ano Mera.

3. About the suggestion to the region of South Aegean, the Municipality of Mykonos and the Technical Service of the Municipality of Mykonos for the construction of a stone wall near Ano Mera High School, in order to ensure the safety of citizens, when crossing the main road.

4. Examination of various documents, applications etc..

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