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Mykonos : Ordinary Life Procession Meeting of the Municipal Council

Ordinary Life Procession Meeting of the Municipal Council of Mykonos

Considering Article 74 of Law. 4555/202018 as amended and in force Articles 177 and 184 of Law. 4635/2019, and the provisions of paragraph 1 of Article 10 the PNP (GG 55 / A / 03.11.2020) 'Urgent measures to address the negative consequences of the appearance of the coronavirus COVID-19 and……. the need to limit the spread of, but with Ref. 18318/13-03-2020 (appointing authority: 9LPCH46MTL6-1AE) Circular of the Ministry of Interior "Convergence collective bodies of municipalities, of Regions and the supervised entities, upon receipt time of avoidance measures and spread of coronavirus COVID-19 ", we invite you to attend the meeting of Conduct for Directors. to be held the manufacture 3 April of the year 2020 and time of 12:30pm. until 14:30pm. , to be discussed and adopted by the City Council decisions on the following issues:

1. conclusion on approval Program Contract between the South Aegean Region and the Municipality of Mykonos for the implementation of the Act
"Restoration CHADA island of Mykonos", after No.. 6/2020 Decision of the Regional Council N.. Aegean.
2. Approving 2nd Modifier Diavathmidikis Cooperation Agreement between the RNA and the Municipality of Mykonos for the project 'Construction Nursery School Law. Mykonos' in Article 3: POWER- SHELF-SCHEDULE, after No.. 45/2020 Decision of the Regional Council N.. Aegean.
3. About approval of No.. 25/2020 Decision of the Board. the D.E.Y.A.M. on the correction of the ISD project of enterprise according to the observations of the Decentralized Administration Aegean.
4. quarterly report approval the Budget D Quarter 2019, after No.. 17/2020 decision of the Economic Commission.
5. 2nd EIA approval on the project "Conservation and restoration of the Municipality of Mykonos roads'.
6. exemption on approval of the relevant municipal taxes and business cleanliness and lighting charges interrupt or mandatory limit their operation due to the dispersion prevention measures coronavirus COVOD-19.
7. Discuss different issues, applications etc..

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