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Mykonos: The Municipal Council of Mykonos meets through a teleconference

Invitation to the Ordinary Meeting of the Municipal Council of Mykonos via teleconference
The President and the Councilors of the Municipal Council of Mykonos, invite you to participate in the meeting of the Board. to be held tnot Wednesday 11 November 2020 and time 13:00p.m., via video conferencing using e-presence technology (www.epresence.gov.gr)………..
taking into account Article 74 of Law. 4555/202018 as amended and in force Articles 177 and 184 of Law. 4635/2019, the provisions of par. 1 of the article 10 the PNP (GG 55 / A / 03.11.2020), as well as with no. Ref.: 60249/22-09-2020 (appointing authority: Ω0Ν346ΜΤΛ6-ΙΘ9) document of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs "Meetings of the municipal council and other collective bodies of the municipalities during the implementation of the measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus", to be discussed and adopted by the City Council decisions on the following issues:

1. On the approval of the reform of the Technical Program of the year 2020 Municipality of Mykonos.
2. About approval of 3 year Budget Reform 2020 following a decision of the Economic Committee of the Municipality of Mykonos.
3. Discuss different issues, applications etc..

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