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new Insurance: à la carte Contributions for Insured!! Free choice "classes" for Professionals!!

Insurance is disconnected from the years of work and income!! The Contribution amount that the insured chooses determines the amount of his pension!!

Radical changes to the Insurance for freelancers!! The changes come in the insurance since the beginning of the year!!……

Τις βασικές αρχές του νέου ασφαλιστικού νομοσχεδίου που επεξεργάζεται η κυβέρνηση, presented by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the step of Thessaloniki Summit 2019.

Main change, It is that it offers free choice of contributions for pension insurance and disconnects from the years of work and income.

"Disconnects insurance from years of work and income. And offers free contributions choice, according to his wishes and plans of each insured. The insurance ceases, in a few words, be Tax '.

Mr.. Mitsotakis sure appeared that scientists, farmers and self-employed, will "embrace" the government proposal,

"Why we, reducing taxes, ensure income professionals to save more.

But to live with higher net income, after taxes and contributions.

So I just give a lot to the many throwing taxes. And invite some of those savings from the tax office, to hoard to later have better pension ', stressed Prime Minister.

The new insurance

The new system is insured to choose the amount of contributions to be paid, by which determine the pension takes.

So, the greater will be the contributions the greater the pension.

According to the Ministry of Labor officials, as stated by the NEA, key feature of the changes will take effect from next year will be the decoupling of insurance deductions for self-employed from their taxable income and the introduction of insurance categories.

Changes in contribution with tax effect of reducing the scale of the first duty of 10.000 euro 9% from 22% from 2020 will have a very positive effect on the income of self-employed, self-employed and farmers.

The elements of EFKA show that the three-year implementation of the insurance Katrougalos a decrease and increase collectibility evasion.

Specifically collectability is jammed 56%-60% and the declared income has decreased so after setting off each time the EFKA return more than 200 million. EUR freelancers and farmers.

The government wants to prepare as soon as possible the new insurance and has submitted the new draft law, in order both to avoid a vacuum, following the decisions of the State Council and to stop the "bleeding" as the contributions of self-employed is essentially the air.

Recall that the Council of State ruled that the amount of contributions charged to 1,4 million. farmers, freelancers and self-employed is unconstitutional as calculated in 20% -It has not been incorporated in the reasoning of the Supreme Court last change 2019, by which the levy fell from 20% in the 13,33%- of their income.

How does the new system for the insurance

From 2020 New insurance contributions calculation system will come into force for 1,4 million. self-employed, who requested within 2019 serve regular contributions of EFKA as posted every month, despite the decision of the Council of State.

The lower insurance class, probably, based on advice received by the leadership of the Labor Ministry, will be higher than today's lower contribution equal, together with the health levy and the 10 euros for unemployment, in 185,18 euro (20% on minimum wage of 650 euros for primary insurance, 6,95% for the same amount and health contribution 10 per month for unemployment account).

Then the insurance contribution will amount as follows:

- For the second category 250 per month

- For the 3rd category 300 per month

- For the fourth category 350 per month

- For the fifth category 430 per month

- For the sixth category 530 per month

Under the new system of charges resulting from the new year 1,4 million. freelancers, self-employed and farmers, income will be disconnected with the contributions and substantially restored the old system to the insurance classes, from which each professional will choose the one which fits best and certainly one in which it can meet financially successful.

Any amount of contributions will antiistoichizetai with specific expected future pension.

Last year, the first eight months were respectively collected 978 million. euro. With the new system of fixed amounts, the Labor Department expect to increase the collectability.

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