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New Replay store in Mykonos!!

meeting place for lovers of the brand worldwide. You will immediately stand out, making your ride in the country, graphics Matogiannia.

Designed by Italian architects Replay, It combines the famous Italian design with unique Cycladic architecture in a resort store concept and hosts the favorite male and female collection Replay and Replay collections Beachwear, Underwear, Accessories, Footwear and child series Replay & Sons.

The new franchise REPLAY STORE, It is the result of cooperation of the company Fashion Box Hellas SA. and known businessmen Mykonos Stamatis and Anna Xidakis, not included in the development plans of the company providing for further development of the branch network, through franchise partnerships, in prime tourist areas of our country.

With the opening of its new store, The Replay strengthens the close ties it maintains with the island of winds in recent years. Landmark of this relationship was, last year, the choice of Mykonos for conducting the annual World Congress of Replay, which received unprecedented success and international reputation of our country. A conference attended by more than 600 Delegates from around the world and was accompanied by the presentation of the new collection and new Replay products.


Armed forces, Matogiannia, tel. (+30) 22890-24685 


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