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New ELAS chief Lieutenant Michael Karamalakis by decision of KYSEA

KYSEA decided leader of ELAS. Will define and National Security Adviser White House Standards, the Consultant will report to the Prime Minister…..

The Lieutenant Michael Karamalakis appointed leader of ELAS decision KYSEA, confirming information circulating in the last hours.

Mr.. Karamalakis hitherto Deputy Chief of ELAS but acted as Chief of the date of resignation of Aristides Andrikopoulou.

The suggestion made by the Minister of Citizen Protection Michalis. Chrisochoïdis.

Update did the Minister of National Defense, while they discussed and pystasi consultant position of Prime Minister for National Security (rapporteur. C. Gerapetritis).

The new Director, to be announced soon, is secretary KYSEA and will have a coordinating role for national security issues.

According to reports, former Chief of Defense General ret. Michael Kostarakis gathers the best chance for this post.

Who is Michael Karamalakis

Lieutenant Michael Karamalakis hails from Achentrias of Acharnes Municipality - Asteroussia Heraklion, while born in Soufli of Evros the Law 1964.

Ranked in the House of the former Gendarmerie year 1982 and graduated from the Officers School Year 1988.

Good pleasure He completed his studies at the Department of Vocational Further Education makers Hellenic Police officials. the 2000.

Successfully participated in training sessions on the fight against terrorism, organized Crime, Of human rights, drugs, Technical and Tactical Pre-trial Investigation, self defense, Arm-technique and self-protection, Combating Racism and Xenophobia, traffic, Police and Public Relations, Management of Critical and Emergency.

Represented House in workgroups, conferences and workshops concerning internal security issues, and international police cooperation.

Contributed decisively to the consolidation of trade union rights for staff of Greek Police, exercising for a sufficient period of a member of the Panhellenic Federation Board Officers.

He was an active member of the European Board of the police union (CESP), contributing its expertise in the process of harmonization of police and judicial structures in Europe.

He served for many years, as Governor, in combat departments of the General Regional Police Directorate Crete.

He served as Chief Officer with the rank of Brigadier in March 2012, as Director of Heraklion Police Department, until April 2014 who was promoted to the rank of Major and was assigned as Director General of Regional Police Directorate Crete.

the 16/02/2016 He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General and assigned as Inspector General of Police of Northern Greece. During his tenure, it had, including, supervising and coordinating the evacuation of the refugee camp of Idomeni, in May 2016.

the 21/01/2017 placed in position staff head of the Police Headquarters, while 05/08/2018 until 01/11/2018 performed in parallel and the duties of Deputy Chief.

the 02/11/2018 placed in position deputy Body.

During his career, They were awarded by the Greek State, for the service performance and for police action of the plurality of praise and moral rewards. Has Argyros be decorated with Stars of Grand Commander of the Order of Merit and the Phoenix, medals of the Grand Commander of the Order of Merit and the Phoenix, but also those provided Golden Crosses, as well as with the commendations of Meritorious Command A ', Β΄& Third Order, Police Value A, Β΄& Third Order and of Merit and Honor II & C. Classes.

He is married and father of two children.

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