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New KOK – Safe movement of children: after the 16 children passengers in a motorcycle, in a special seat up to 12 years in the car!!

Overthrow in the new KOK!! "Traps" KOK for parents!! Seat until 12 and after 16 children on a motorbike!!…..

According to the KOK, children are allowed to ride motorcycles after their age 16 years either as drivers or as passengers.

also, children must sit in a special seat in the car, up to their age 12 years.

These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use to get started., especially now that their children's activities have increased, always guided by the safe movement of their children.

However, Parents can become the best traffic teachers for their children. This has been reported by the Road Safety Institute for years (I.O.AS.) "Panos Mylonas", which points out that children up to their age 8 years, when crossing the road they should always be accompanied by an adult.

Emphasizes and advises parents and students to wear light-colored clothes and sneakers with reflective elements to be more easily perceived during their movements, while it is good to plan from home the safest route with the least traffic and danger.

Children should not cross the road between parked cars for the simple reason that drivers cannot distinguish them, while boarding and disembarking the child from the vehicle should always be done on the sidewalk.

It is worth noting that research by the automotive industry suggests that in order for a passenger to use the seat belt it must be more than 1.5m.

Calmness and courtesy on the road also prevent accidents, while having a strong effect on children’s subsequent driving behavior.

Transportation by school buses must be done under strict conditions, while the driver must have the school bus in excellent condition with the attendant always be ready to offer help when needed.

Always in the minds of parents and drivers moving near schools should be that in children up to 16 years have not fully developed their vision, while they have poor peripheral vision and slow focus of the eyes, especially up to the age of eight.

also, hearing is not fully developed and they have difficulty locating the direction of the sounds. All drivers should be aware that children due to their low height are not easily perceived when moving between cars or when there are naturally high obstacles.

It is worth noting that always, experts say, children copy their friends and so often behave in an unsafe way, such as pushing.

End, Parents should teach their children to go through crossings or traffic lights, find the safest route from home to school or sports, when accompanying them to hold them by the hand, always leave them outside the door of their school or gym, while in the school it is good not to be on the opposite sidewalk.

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