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New chairman of the House, Constantine was elected Tasoulas 283 votes

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Kostas Tasoulas elected Speaker with voting record, he voted for by the entire opposition except KKE and gathered 283 votes…..

With 283 votes in total 298 votes cast, MP SW Ioannina, Constantine Tasoulas, He became chairman of the House.

The election of Mr.. Tasoula supported by the CR ND, of SYRIZA, of KINALL, of Greek Solution and MeRA25. This was stated by KO KKE.

The vote was nominal and the bipartisan support of the election of a new chairman of the House, led to the result of 283 votes, a result that records characterized in parliamentary time, since surpassed the result of the election Konstantopoulou Life that had received 235 votes.

Nick Voutsis had become chairman of the House with 181 votes.

For the election of the Parliament president preceded open vote, according to the changes made to the Rules of the House, not a secret ballot as was done in the past.

The Vice-Presidents of Parliament

In the first three positions of the Parliament will be the vice:

  1. Charalambos Athanasiou,
  2. Nikitas Kaklamanis
  3. Athanasios Bouras

In place of the d vice SYRIZA has proposed Dimitri Vitsa.

For other positions are proposed

Ulysses Konstantinopoulos from KINAL,

George Lamproulis the KKE,

Apostle Avdelas from Greek and Solution

Sofia Sakorafa from MeRA25.

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