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New Lockdown Restrictions: Changes from today to people allowed in cars and taxis

How to travel by taxi and car in lockdown. Exceptions and what applies to students and teachers……

Changes from today for how many people are allowed in cars and taxis, then the new lockdown applicable from today, Saturday 7 November.

The permissible limit of individuals inside vehicles is reduced, as allowed in taxis and cars a passenger, δηλαδή ο οδηγός και ένα ακόμη άτομο.

Exception is the human transport performed for health, for medical reasons. namely, in this case an additional person is allowed (second passenger).

Alongside, the restriction of one passenger does not apply in the case of parents with minor children.

The same goes for them schoolchildren served by taxi in non-urban areas to get to school. That is, they are allowed to move up to 4 people, always using a mask, but also with a relevant statement from the school principal.

This exception also applies to them educators in the same areas, that is, the non-urban, served either by taxi or by vehicle of one of the 3-4 training, also with a relevant statement from the school principal.

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