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New Lockdown Restrictions: The new rules for boat travel, half fullness and masks [Document]

New rules in everything,as far as boat travel is concerned, take effect from today Saturday 7 November 2020 to Monday 30 November 2020, in accordance with the JMC on measures to address the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus…….

The new measures for coastal shipping:

Fullness on ships 50% or 55% provided they have cabins (compliance with COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak prevention and control measures – land-based vessels performing maritime cabotage, which are posted on the website of the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy (https://www.ynanp.gr/el/).

The measures for boat travel that are already in force

Οι οδηγίες για τα passengers and passenger-car ferries (καθώς και στα υπό ελληνική σημαία διεθνή πλοία) concern:

  • the maintaining distance 1,5 measure when boarding, disembarkation in all areas of the ship.
  • the use of each cabin by one person, unless it is a family (first-degree relatives), so they can be up to 4 people, or disabled with their companion.
  • the use a mask (fabric fabric is recommended) by passengers and crew members.
  • The special layout of the passengers in air seats [one seat occupied and one seat empty, adjacent, front and back].

the Gazette [page 15]

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