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New Lockdown Restrictions: Who and How will be able to travel by Ships during the Lockdown!!

New "brake" on passenger movements with ships due to the new measures restricting its spread coronavirus and the new lockdown. According to reports, are expected to be implemented accordingly meters with those of spring……

During the new lockdown, will be allowed, namely, the movement by passenger or passenger-vehicle ferries:

  • only the permanent residents of the islands,
  • the personnel of the Armed Forces and Security Forces,
  • of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection,
  • moving for reasons of social emergency,
  • teachers and public sector employees,
  • medical and nursing staff.

It is reminded that for the issuance of a ticket and boarding the ships the passenger must have proof of certification.

For permanent residents the "property" is proved:

  • with the demonstration valid Tax Return or
  • by Unique Islander Number or
  • with Certificate of Permanent Residence of the passenger issued by familiar Mayor.

It is noted that in the event that they are found infringements of protection measures for the coronavirus, the corresponding fines will be imposed.

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