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NGPP: What to do during and immediately after an earthquake

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Earthquake: Notice to Citizens, to be followed religiously

After the earthquake of 5,1 Richter made at noon in Athens, the General Secretariat for Civil Protection has published guidelines….

what citizens should do during and after an earthquake.

Prepare for possible earthquake

Within the home

  • Firmly secure the walls shelves and libraries. Remove the doors tall furniture that can reverse and prevent the exit.
  • Screw on the walls the heater and fuel and water tanks.
  • Put heavy items on lower shelves.
  • Remove heavy objects over beds and couches.
  • Securely light fixtures and ceiling fans.
  • Identify well sheltered places in each room of the house:
    • resistant under desks or tables.
    • away from glass surfaces and libraries.
    • away from external walls.
  • Check the correct operation of the electricity grid and gas.
  • Tell family members about how the general electrical switches are closed, water and gas and emergency phones (112, 199, 166, 100 etc.)
  • Get portable radio with batteries, flashlight and first aid suitcase.

Outside the house

  • Choose a safe meeting place after the earthquake that lie:
    • away from buildings and trees
    • away from telephone and electric cables.


If you are in the house

  • Keep your cool.
  • Cover below a sturdy cabinet (table, office, desk), kneel and hold hands with your foot.
  • If there is sturdy furniture, kneeling in the room means, reducing as much as your height and protect hands with head and your neck. Move away from large glass surfaces (windows, glass partitions) or furniture and objects that may injure your.
  • Do not try to move away from home.
  • Do not go out on the balcony.

If you are tall building

  • Move away from windows and outside walls.

If you're in an arcade, mall or large store

  • Keep your cool.
  • Stay in the room until you finish the vibration.
  • Do not get carried away by the panic-stricken crowd moving irregularly to the outputs because you risk trampled.

If you are outdoors

  • Leaving spaces beneath buildings, telephone or electrical wires.
  • If you have your bag or briefcase, Cover your head with these.

If you are in the car

  • Resort outdoors and stop the car carefully as not to obstruct the movement.
  • Avoid going through tunnels, bridges or flyovers.


If you are in the house

  • Prepare for possible aftershocks.
  • carefully check yourself and those around you for possible injuries.
  • If they are seriously injured or move them.
  • Evacuate the building from the stairwell (do not use the elevator), after closing the switches of electricity, gas and water.
  • Resort to open and safe place.
  • Follow the instructions of the authorities and do not pay attention to rumors.
  • Do not unnecessarily use your car so as not to become an obstacle to the work of rescuers.
  • Use your desktop or mobile phone in exceptional cases, It caused overloading of telephone networks.
  • Do not enter your home if you see damage, cut wires, gas leakage or gas.

How to react to oncoming waves GRAVITY (tsunami)

If you are in a coastal area at low altitude

  • Although not all cause tsunami earthquakes stay alert.
  • Note if there is a substantial rise or fall in the water level, which is a natural warning.
  • Move away from the sea and head inland to areas with higher altitude. A small tsunami at one point on the coast can be changed to a large tsunami, within kilometers.
  • Stay away from the coast. The tsunami not only consist of a single wave, but a series of waves so check back only after informed by the competent authorities that there is no risk.
  • Do not approach the coast to watch an upcoming tsunami. When you see it maybe too late to avoid it.

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