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NOTAM Restrictions: Extend to 5 April domestic flight restrictions – Only essential flights are allowed

They are intensified until 5 April restrictions on domestic flights according to a new announcement by the Civil Aviation Authority……….

particularly, until Monday 5 April 2021 and time 06:00 in the morning, the aviation directive (Covid-19 brand) concerning domestic flights, (regular passenger services, general aviation and business routes – domestic flights, commercial and general/business aviation) which allows only substantial domestic movements (Essential Travel). These are trips that include a trip for health issues, for business / business purposes, for objective family reasons (family reunification) and for return to permanent residence.

The following flights are excluded from "notam":

* Flights that indicate they are in a dangerous situation (emergency flights).

* Support flights of the Hellenic National Health System (Hellenic national healthcare system flights).

* Government flights (state flights).

* Flights of health interest (sanitary flights).

* Flights of humanitarian interest (humanitarian flights).

* Military flights (military flights).

* Freight flights (cargo flights).

* Firefighting flights (fire fighting flights).

* Frontex flights (frontex flights).

* Technical refueling flights without disembarking passengers (technical landing where passengers do not disembark).

* Return aircraft only with its crew (ferry flights).

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