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O EOF withdraw 20 known cosmetics - What list

Shampoo, Hand creams and scented bath until eyelash growth serum, It includes the list ……

Στην ανάκληση 20 γνωστών καλλυντικών προϊόντων προχώρησε ο ΕΟΦ ως προληπτικό μέτρο για την προάσπιση της Δημόσιας Υγείας.

Mood and movement ban are twenty (20) Cosmetic products listed in the attached Annex and according to reports-notifications No.. reference 19, 21, 22 / 2018 for quality reasons.

According to EMA, this Decision constitutes a preventive measure for the Protection of Public Health.

See our list of cosmetic products shall revoke the AEO, full in pdf format

The companies making the movement of products in the Greek market should contact their products recipients for the implementation of a reasonable time.

Simultaneously, must inform the competent department of EOF, and supporting documents must be kept for at least five years putting in consideration of EOF, Upon request.

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