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Ο Θαλάσσιος Τουρισμός στους 5 main priorities of the Ministry of Marine and Island Policy

Ο Θαλάσσιος Τουρισμός στις κυβερνητικές προτεραιότητες του Υπουργείου Ναυτιλίας και Νησιωτικής Πολιτικής

Kyriakos Mitsotakis government placed priorities of the Ministry of Marine and Island Policy in five axes…….

In five axes placed government priorities of the Ministry of Marine and Island Policy, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis during his visit, the statements immediately after the meeting with Minister. John Plakiotakis.
"We had a very fruitful discussion with the Minister and the Secretaries-General, where we set the policy priorities of the ministry, for future years. I stand on five key points.

1. shipping
"Our intention is to make the national flag again more attractive for Greek shipowners, but also dramatically enhance the framework for maritime training, to lead more young people into the sea and we can provide them quality education to pursue a career in a field where our country has big comparative advantages ".

2. ports
"Starting with the emblematic and important port of Piraeus, that we can quickly launch, in cooperation with private investors, significant investments will upgrade Piraeus and will make him a global competitive port and that will streamline our overall port policy that our ports to operate effectively and safely ".

3. sea ​​tourism
"Huge possibilities open to marine tourism in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism that will make Greece a pioneer in marine tourism and of course full advantage of the very significant revenue maritime tourism can offer to our country".

4. insular policy
"The 15% of the Greek population lives on islands and discussed with the leadership of the Ministry to explore the possibility of a specific sectoral program for insular policy within the new NSRF, so finally we can have a single financial instrument to support the support actions of our islands, and especially small islands need a special care and support framework '.

5. Safety at sea
"It is inconceivable in a island country to have so many drownings. In collaboration with civil society and extremely interesting actions by NGOs, fully exploit the potential of technology as a collaboration, the Ministry, the Port Authority and the private sector can we ensure that we can swim the seas in complete safety '.

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