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Men find 10 reasons that females excel!!

How many verses are devoted to the female psyche and how much artwork depicting a female body. How many songs have been written about women's heart!! And a man,….

any one man can hardly be made in detail everything that make a woman. Either textually, or images… But perhaps it can do science.

To celebrate the day dedicated to all the women on this planet, I looked for answers to the mystery of the woman in science. The reasons that make it special, different from a man. Of course it is not only nine. But I chose them to see how special you are and wish him “Happy Birthday” to yourself.

1. A woman knows what it confidence

Trust is an important thing. And a woman knows how to offer it there worth, as reports and research!! In this case Chanel, in Dior, the Prada and any other brand put the mind. Research shows that while a man will look for hours each product, a woman will place all its faith in the brand. Because she knows that her favorite brand will never betray!

2. A female infidelity!! But he has always reason

I hear many times to say that the man is by nature polygamous, and - when I do not dirty my nest - fret. After infidelity and you! Yet science in solemnly confirms. Not that infidelity, but when you do you always reason!!

Research shows that while the 54% men who have commited a sin sin declare that marriage or the relationship was not ugly - in many cases even characterize good, Only the 34% of unfaithful women have the same opinion. In short a woman can deceive, but will do so when a husband makes life difficult and does not go well. For a man may simply occur, But a woman will not succumb to temptation just like.

3. A woman feels more kiss

A kiss is just, very little!! Is it coincidence that the man sang; Why the female sex kiss is very!! According to the survey 60% men would kissed without thinking another woman other than their partner. The same percentage of women who would “ok” in such a case falls to 34%.

4. A female never falls out a transaction

How many men have offer in their breasts, They have become the pillars of the house and put the voices and my supposedly, supposedly my women who do economy; The truth is that while one would expect that in a male-dominated society a man would know better manage finances, surveys have another opinion.

The female hand from investments are more likely to bear fruit than those that can make men. Does this explain why we have a crisis today;

5. Life is a woman

And as a woman, your life loves you and watches. It is no coincidence that the 85% of people around the world who are over 100 years women. I do not know what is your secret, I have managed to find out but the survey clearly says. Women live five to 10 years more than men.

6. A woman can do anything… without getting sick

Yes, good! I know we have win over the title of the strong sex, But the female body belies our. Women have a stronger immune system due to estrogen. Research shows that these female hormones give a significant advantage to a woman when you have to fight viruses. This is to note the next time you growl like a baby child that I have fever. After the 'I have told, I am weak… character!

7. Woman withstand economic crisis

The woman may not have the same treatment in the workplace, faces sometimes racist behavior and not yet won the coveted equality at work, but when hardly know how to start to come apart. According to the survey 80% those who lose their jobs (worldwide) from 2007 until today, ie in the crisis, were men.

8. The theory of evolution is female case

Recent research has shown that women are becoming more beautiful over the years, while men remain unchanged. According to the findings, the beautiful women have more children than those who are less draff. If we add that the first child of these attractive women are more likely to be a girl, It shows that females evolve into increasingly Beauty and seductive. Impressive!!

9. IQ genus… female

Though statistics do not be cost, objective now, I have to admit that the feminine mind proves more agile. At least as,it has to do with IQ test. So according to the results of intelligence tests known worldwide, women seem to earn syntriptika.

10. PLUS

And to add something that says science!! You can sometimes be to take off my clothes (and I mean not as I would like to happen with you), there are moments when I really dive into your head and see what happens in this elegant head, not understand you.

But it has also an intrigue, a sweet unrest. A challenge to see who goes the poet (or rather the poet). The woman is not connected with the random mystic, metaphysical. It is in the nature of dragging behind an aura of mystery that makes it irresistible.

It is the way to rest with emotion and to better consult from a man. And that's guts!!

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