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The municipal undertakings acquire right to operate the ferry funded project

the State for carrying ferry project, It provides the ministry draft law Marine and Island Policy "Reform of Supervision and Control System of Greek Port System and other provisions", released for public consultation until Friday 6 May.

According to the explanatory memorandum "with Part V enhanced participation of local communities in addressing the transport needs of the islands. Specifically, Article 42 institutionalized possible training program contracts between the Ministry of Marine and Island Policy and public sector bodies concerning the coverage of marine transportation needs of the islands'.

In particular Article 8 law's 2932/2001 "Freedom to provide services to maritime cabotage - Secretariat Recommendation Ports and Port Policy - Converting Funds in Port Corporations and other provisions." (GG A 145) added 15th paragraph as follows:
“15. If the conditions of the first paragraph of this Article, the Minister of Marine and Island Policy may with the consent of the Coastal Communications Council (YOUR) conclude program contracts with the State, OTA or by public sector bodies of para. 6 of the article 1 of Law. 1256/1982, individually or jointly, between one and five years for the exclusive service of the line or lines.

In program contracts of the previous section allowed the participation communal municipal enterprises, development limited companies, OTA business. special purpose, in any legal form and function, business of the Prefectures, Regional Development Funds, chambers, scientific public bodies, University research institutes (ON.), cooperatives, compounds associations and employer and Workers compounds.

These contracts are subject to pre-contractual Court's power of review under the relevant legislation. In program contracts of the previous subsections necessarily defined by the contract, the purpose and content, their budget, the rights and obligations of the parties, the timing of execution, the resources of which will cover the financial obligations undertaken and the duration of the contract.

Also defined as the forum for its implementation and monitoring responsibilities, and clauses to the detriment of the party that violates the terms of the program contract.

In the event that a party to a program contract of this Article outsource management, exploitation and execution, the award is made in accordance with the law governing the contract by the debtor party.

The parties bodies for the implementation of program contracts of this article can be financed through programs cofinanced by the European Union or programs financed purely from national funds, the regular budget or other national or regional programs, and from the budgets of contracting entities.

It is possible to finance the parties and by public sector bodies not participating in the program contract. "

The bill also provides among others the conversion of the Regulatory Authority at Ports Authority independent, Recommendation Public Ports Authority, in view of the management of the port of Piraeus from the new owner (cosco), concession coastal region of the former fertilizer in the municipality of Keratsini Drapetsona.

Under the bill, Regulatory Authority Ports converted to independent, while clarifying the role that aims to intervene particularly in competition matters, resolving differences of port users. The Regulatory Authority Ports can only intervene after complaints regarding fair competition.

Also recommended Public Ports Authority with a regional office in Piraeus, undertaken, in view of the new manager of the port of Piraeus, all the responsibility of oversight in matters of public interest and responsibility that had hitherto PPA.

The Public Ports Authority (DAL), is autonomous and independent organizational unit of the Ministry of Marine and Island Policy with administrative and financial autonomy. Its purpose is to contribute, in accordance with the powers conferred, the achievement of program objectives Greek port system, and which included the preservation of sovereignty and territorial cohesion of the Greek government in collaboration with the Regulatory Authority for Ports (RAL) and the General Secretariat of Ports and Port Policy of the Ministry of Marine and Island Policy (NGLLPNE), contributing to the local, regional and domestic economic, social and community welfare, protect the environment, providing reliable and quality services by port operators on ships, passengers and cargoes, but also to guarantee and enforcement of labor rights and trade union freedoms in the port area with the continuing validity of collective agreements.

Also Article 49 assigned "region of Fertilizer 'area of ​​approximately 86.000 sq.m. inside the land zone PPA, Krakari the breakwater to the bay of Drapetsona (fuel tanks), in the municipality of Keratsini Drapetsona.
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