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Holidays do more good than you thought ...

Holidays favoring better and more sex

Nice view, relaxed pace, plenty of free time, feeling that we are watching things and not run like mad, new acquaintances or deeper, deeper connection with his / our partner = better sex.

Holidays strengthen emotional bonds

Usually we choose to take a vacation with loved ones, something that gives us the opportunity to enjoy their friends in more relaxed conditions, away from stress and anxiety. On holidays people feel more satisfaction from their marriage and quality time with their children.

Holidays revitalize creativity

How;  Our holidays help to reconnect with ourselves, to let the relaxation and the beauty that is around us and in this way make us feel at our best. So, discovering anew ourselves, we have new ideas and our creative side comes naturally to the surface.

Our vacation shield from burnout

The opportunity to take a break from work and the stresses of helping us to gain distance, to see things more objectively and as we rested we can dynamically return.

Holidays ensure health

How;  When we leave the stress and everyday stress away and refill our batteries actually close the dangerous stress system and its toxic hormones and allow the body and mind to rest and be healthy.

Holidays ensure overall wellbeing

A survey found that 3 only vacation days are enough participants to indicate that various symptoms and decreased physical discomfort and that their sleep improved and their disposal compared to before going on holiday. The good results are maintained for 5 weeks after the end of the holiday!

Holidays help us to climb the professional performance

Yes, Yes, true!  More holiday means increased quality of life and reduced stress, Factors contributing to the improvement of our quality work.

Our vacation relieve stress

Unless we mean the stress type of holiday to go to A or B beach, to drink this or that cocktail, etc etc. As the holidays interrupt routine and the flow of stressful events in our lives, feel relieved, relax and take forces to confront what we find in front of us when we return.


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