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Olympic Athlete’s Revelations: Investigation of the Prosecutor's Office for the allegations of Sofia Bekatorou

The Prosecutor's Office of First Instance will start an ex-officio investigation after the public complaints of Olympian Sofia Bekatorou against a member of the Sailing Federation, whom he named as a perpetrator of sexual abuse he had suffered before 23 years during her business trip……

The head of the Prosecutor's Office of First Instance, Sotiria Papageorgakopoulou, intervenes on her own initiative by launching a preliminary investigation in order to find out what exactly happened, in which the Olympian will be invited on Monday or Tuesday to submit what she has claimed, regardless of whether the alleged act against Ms.. Bekatorou is already barred.

Information indicates that Sofia Bekatorou may have referred to the sexual abuse she had suffered from the named agent, when he testified in the context of an investigation conducted by the Prosecutor's Office under the supervision of Prosecutor Konstantinos Simitzoglou, which started after complaints of Olympian Nikos Kaklamanakis for mismanagement in the Sailing Federation.

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