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Online services for taxation: Finally, waiting in the queues of the tax office – With 12 click all transactions

AADE's effort focuses on not requiring the physical presence of taxpayers at the Tax Office. Important steps have already been taken, but the pandemic pushes the authorities to speed up the procedures for the online service of the citizens……

The attempt to expel taxpayers from the Tax Office, has been started for a long time, but the pandemic accelerated the procedures and now the need to go to the Tax Office has been reduced to a minimum.

A series of applications have been created that serve the citizens without the need for a physical presence at the Tax Office. Some of these are paying taxes, the key number rendering, until the electronic appointments and the applications for the special compensations and the repayable advance which were created in zero time, the tax office started operating electronically.

Of course, a number of other things need to be done, so that every taxpayer has all the options, so that his cases are processed electronically.

Let's see what are the applications that have been around lately:

  • The electronic payment system was created through IRIS Online Payments
  • Electronic appointment management information system developed with the tax authorities and control centers.
  • Electronic key issuance / reissue application created with interoperability between mobile phone providers and credit institutions.
  • The myAADElive platform was created to enable citizens to enter a key number from’ distance via video call.
  • The Taxpayer Register is automatically updated through an interface with Public Administration registers (Hellenic Police, Registry office)
  • Adaptation of systems for modification of Objective Determination of Property Value elements for ENFIA liquidation purposes
  • The use of pre-printed A5 forms has been abolished, A6, A7 and A8, through the automatic issuance of these using electronic applications
  • New systems have been set up to extract lease information to support Covid declarations
  • The myBusinessSupport platform was created (Special Purpose Compensation, Refundable Advance payment, cooperation with the CO-WORK MECHANISM of PS ERGANI)
  • The electronic system of payment of regulated debts through cards was created
  • An online distribution service has been set up “Special Use Housing Certificate”
  • The my car platform was created where taxpayers can immobilize their vehicle by submitting the license plates electronically or paying the registration fees.

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