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They swore at the Presidential Palace the members of the new government

Completed at the Presidential Palace the inauguration of the new government. Will follow the planned delivery-reception Ministries……..
Before the President of the Republic Pr. Pavlopoulos, presence of Prime Sun. Mitsotakis, They are sworn in at the Presidential Palace by the Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Hieronymus members of the new government.

And many, of the new ministers were accompanied by relatives
The ministers emphasized the coming speed the work efficiency.

Here new ministerial statements:

Adonis Georgiades, Minister of Development: "We will move quickly. Would not Believe. The prime minister's mandate is to do everything very quickly}.

Kostis Hatzidakis, Environment Minister: "Seriousness, modesty, speed for a policy outcome '.

Haris Theocharis, Minister of Tourism: "Tourism is the heavy industry to help develop".

makis voridis, Minister of Rural Development and Food: "It is a day of great political change. We have a sense of responsibility to fulfill the mandate of the Greek people ".

Theodore Karaoglou, Macedonia-Thrace minister: "I undertake with increased sensitivity, because of unacceptable Agreement Prespa. We will use the veto in the EU to reduce the consequences of the agreement for the country ".

Lefteris Avgenakis, Sports minister: "Everything will be fine. Work, seriousness, work".

George Koumoutsakos, Deputy Minister of Immigration Policy: "It is a day page break. I fully endorse the efforts of Kyriakos Mitsotakis. A big issue is immigration. Greece must radiate with respect for human rights and also be a safe country ".

John Plakiotakis, Minister of Shipping: "Shipping is a national issue. Greece has a role in global affairs ".

George Zavvos, Deputy Finance minister: "It's a very strong government would restore Greece in the course of normality".

Theodore Libanios, Deputy Interior Minister for government and election issues: "It's time to work".

George Georgantas, Undersecretary Digital governance procedures simplification issues:"The bureaucracy can and must be defeated".

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