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TAB A, B’ degree and private entities: Programming Temporary Personnel 2020!! Procedure & deadlines [Documents]

circular on the planning of temporary staff recruitment for the year 2020 the OTA first and second degree and those NPID, issued by the Interior Minister T.. Theodorikakos.

The circular describes the process for hiring contractors to municipalities, Regions and these private entities and the deadlines for submitting requests from municipalities to the Ministry of Interior.

For requests regarding the recruitment of temporary staff in local authorities and private entities, (Annex IDOCH Ministry of Interior), They should be submitted to the competent Ministry of Interior Service to 31-03-2020, in order to have the necessary time to process.

For requests regarding the project lease for recruitment services in contributory submitted ASEP, their mission should be completed by 17-03-2020.

Specifically, the circular refers:

Under the programming year temporary staff recruitment 2020 the OTA first and second degree (Municipalities, regions, Entity thereof, links, Institutions) private entities and local government, your competence carriers are requested to correct and timely submission of their claims for the year 2020, according to their needs and taking into account the budgetary situation and the need for cutting government spending.

For year planning 2020 to the following procedure should be followed by category request.

A. REQUESTS temporary agents CTA first and second degree

For complaints relating to private fixed-term staff and conclusion of project lease contracts from local authorities first and second degree to cover the cost of the Central Self Resources, required supporting documents listed in Annex 1, with mandatory completion of this model.

Especially the Regions should send a separate request and priority to meet their needs for veterinarians, in direct troubleshooting and crisis management in order to protect public health and the public interest, consumer protection and ensuring the health of livestock.

We note that the above matter falls within the intake limiting the maximum permissible number of recruitment at CTA A and B grade, which amounts to one thousand three hundred and thirty three (1.333) seats, as defined in Article
89 of n.4604 / 2019 (50/Α΄) as applicable.

B. REQUESTS temporary agents NPID of TABs first & second degree

1. For complaints relating to private fixed-term staff and conclusion of the project leases to private entities of government origin of funds from own resources, required supporting documents listed in Annex 2, with mandatory completion of this model.

As part of efforts by the costs and order the number of approvals in this category remain unchanged, asked the players in the submitted request does not exceed the number of the corresponding approvals granted in the previous year.

Regarding recruitment in municipal companies with a special view to radio or television station operation, noted that Article 18 of Law. 4483/2017 abolished the suspension of recruitment under private law employment relationship
of a certain time. Therefore, players can submit requests for such personnel.

2. For Managers recruiting Municipal Utility Companies and for Local SA. respectively, Articles 254 until 258 and 265 until 266 of Law. 3463/2006 (Municipal Code).

We note that for recruiting managers from the private organization of TABs recruited for service with limited private employment relationship, approval by the Commission of RWBs 33/2006 as applicable.

To be able to meet these demands, should the relevant Staff Rules / her business or company services explicitly provided for the possibility of recruiting manager for term, and to define the duration of this (B.C. equal to the municipal period).

Especially for General Managers intake DEYA on term applies Article 100 Fri.. 1 of Law. 4604/2019 (Gov. 50A), (the relative No. prot.36567 / 10.05.2019 Our Circular, appointing authority:978T465CHTH7-K65).

(Annex 2b, with mandatory completion of this model).

C. REQUESTS dues (article 107 the n.4483 / 2017 OG 107 / R / 2017)

For complaints relating to private fixed-contributory time legal staff in municipalities first degree and those private entities, required supporting documents listed in Annexes 3a and 3b, with mandatory completion of forms.

Note that to characterize recruitment as "contributory" has the certificate on the existence of the credit institution to show that the expense is covered from State fees and entered in the budget carrier, codes corresponding to contributory service.

It noted that revenues from municipal cemeteries are "duties or charges imposed to cover partly or totally the maintenance and operating costs in general these '.

Since this provision implies that the revenue of municipalities arising from the operation of the cemeteries dues, and therefore the service of the municipality that manages the cemeteries can not be classified as "contributory service".

Requests for coverage needs cemeteries may be made to cover the cost of other cash on delivery, as mentioned in section D..

D. REQUESTS IN THE FORM payments and other cash on delivery (article 107 of n.4483 / 2017 OG 107 / R / 2017)

For complaints relating to private fixed-term staff and conclusion of project lease contracts cover the cost in the form of payment in OTA first and second degree and those private entities, required supporting documents referred to in Appendices 4a and 4b, with mandatory completion of models.

We note that the provisions of article 107 of Law. 4483/2017, He predicted that the payroll cost of personnel providing educational services need not be entirely covered by the amount paid by the citizens equivalent, but enough to cover at least seventy percent (70%) from paying fees to cultural and sporting structures (municipal conservatories, art workshops, municipal gymnasiums, swimming pools etc.), while the rest amount will be covered by the entity budget.

For other services performed by the actors (elementary cafeterias, beach farm, municipal cinema, childcare - nurseries, etc.) continues to apply to cover the cost 100%.

According to the above, requests to cover the graves needs which will now be presented in the form of other cash on delivery following the procedure also provided for the equivalent.


Requests must be accompanied by the models detailed in Annexes, completed.

We draw your attention to the implementation of the provisions of Law. 4623/2019 regarding the powers of the collective bodies on planning recruitment:

  • for the municipalities locations: decision of the Economic Commission
  • for positions of Regions: Decision of the Regional Council, obtained upon recommendation of the Economic Committee
  • for positions of public entities, Associations, Institutions of municipalities and public entities of the Regions, decision of that Board
  • for positions of private entities, decision of that Board.

We emphasize that requests financial statements indicating "reforming the budget" will not be forwarded.


According to Article 6 of Law. 2527/1997 as amended and in force, on the conclusion of the project lease certificate required by ASEP, issued request vector which necessarily determined work to be performed, the number of persons who will perform and specificities, the length of time required for the total or partial delivery of the project and the place of this execution.

It shall include detailed reasons that the project goes back to the circle of usual duties of the employees of the entity concerned and the reasons why this can not be performed by them.

Note that if not included in the request, the above explanation of the carrier is not forward requests to ASEP, for issuing such certificates, according to the article 6 of Law. 2527/1997.


The replaceable and replacement outgoing fixed-term staff, whose appointment was made pursuant to the provisions of paragraph. 3 of the article 21 L. 2190/1994, the recruitment of the next in the series of ranking tables were
issued for this purpose, It will be examined by the competent Managing realization of European program Service, which will rule on a question of body.


By Article 91 of n.4583 / 2018 provided for the inclusion of the "Help at Home" program in organizational units of local authorities a degree and staffing to permanent staff, through the issuance of a contract notice.

Because as we know, the regular personnel recruitment procedure is quite time consuming, and in order not to interrupt the provision of services to beneficiaries, with the provisions of paragraph. 2 of the article 229 of Law. 4635/2019 (A' 167) extended the duration of the program
"Help at Home" and fixed-term contracts of workers under the program by the end until 30.09.2020.

Requests should be sent only in case of replacement of employees in the program because of the departure.


By Article 52 of n.4554 / 18.07.2018 (FEK130A) set deadline of midnight (12) months for the implementation of decisions of approval of RWBs 33/06.


And then the strength of the article 186 of n.4635 / 2019, remain exempt from the Commission's approval of RWBs 33/2006 and therefore on the annual schedule of temporary staff recruitment The following cases:

1. Initial recruitment and renewal of fixed-term private law personnel, in co-financed programs since not involve the state budget burden.

2. Project leases under cofinanced operations. Similarly, and in this way the state budget is burdened.

It is reminded that, as defined in Article 52 Fri.. 2 of Law. 4554/2018 (GG 130 / A / 07.18.2018), players no longer have to notify any of the applicable recruitment or renewal / extension members of the Committee of RWBs 33/2006, as applicable, and D / Department of Human Resource Management and Development of our Ministry.

also, as provided for in Article 8 Fri.. 3 of Law. 4325/2015 and n.3861 / 2010, The above contracts are posted in mandatory "CLARITY" Program.

3. Seasonal staff on fire safety, camps and lifeguard cover coast

Hiring staff involved in fire safety and lifeguard cover the coast is under a fixed term contract, the duration of which does not exceed four (4) months to a total period of twelve months, while the employment municipal camps may not exceed three (3) months.

4. Staff for emergency response

5. Work safety doctors and technicians (article 27 n. 4304/14). In case this is not recruitment but to award service.

6. Hydronomeas irrigation intake

Both in municipalities and in DEYA for hiring Hydronomeas irrigation specific arrangements applied by 28.3/15.4.1957 the Royal / Tosh "About police on Irrigation Water" (GG 280 A), whereby not require approval of RWBs 33/2006 (Gov. 60A) or body, nor that the criteria and the process of L.2190 / 1994, as applicable.

7. Replenishment unique to the official sector

With the provision of paragraph 2 of the article 94 of Law. 4483/2017, enable the CTA a degree, to recruit staff with fixed-term private law contract, to address urgent needs that occur in the absence of regular single in the official sector, respective specialization, which is absent due to pregnancy, childbirth and maternity, holiday or availability, in order to meet the need for the entire period of absence. To recruit such staff, not require approval of the Committee of RWBs 33/2006 as applicable, nor compliance with the criteria and the process of law. 2190/1994.

8. Temporary staff for the execution of works by direct labor

Article 89 of Law. 4483/2017, returned to power settings article 209 the Municipal Code & Community Employees.

Therefore for requests falling under the above exceptions adoption of RWBs not required and sending them to our Service.


Given the limited number of authorizations, for the demands of the case C2 and C4 (Annex Futures ASEP), regarding the project leases submitted to ASEP, their mission should be completed by 17-03-2020.

Respectively, the demands of case A and B (Annex IDOCH Ministry of Interior), They should have come to our service to 31-03-2020, in order to have the necessary time to process.

The demands of all cases included in this circular, They should be sent to the Interior Ministry in electronic form and in single file to the email address info@ypes.gr

This Circular and Annexes with applicable standards in each case for fixed-term staff, can be found on the website of our Ministry, on track: www.ypes.gr/Υπουργείο/Εγκύκλιοι.

The demands of the project leases , with the required supporting documents, Annexes C1, C2 and C4 of your specific entities, accompanied by your respective explanatory reports will be sent to ASEP post, a summary of advanced and non Requests.

Annexes C1, C2 and C4 with the corresponding financial statements and models, per case, Explanatory Reports Coordinators of decentralized administration for the project lease, available on ASEP (www.asep.gr)on track: BODIES>FORMS-HOW>CONTEST ENTITIES>HIRE. PROJECT Futures.

Please Coordinators of Decentralized Administrations directly transmit each full request by all supervisors (not aggregated) to be gradually processed and their registration which will result in shortening the process to the benefit of operators.

Requested the operators to indicate in their request correctly their email address, updated, since the approval notifications sent only electronically.

Our Department remains at your disposal for any further clarification or information.

Related documents:

The Minister. arithm.11072 / 18.02.2020 Circular

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– Annex 1: A TAB & B GRADE & ΝΠΔΔ – ΚΑΠ


Appendix 3a&3b: ΑΝΤΑΠΟΔΟΤΙΚΑ

Annex 4a&4b: ΑΝΤΙΤΙΜΟ

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