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OTA: All Cash Local Government Compulsory from October 1 in Cash Management account at the Bank of Greece [GG]

A shock for TABs, the first government motion for Cash. Το πρώτο δείγμα γραφής αναφορικά με τοκαυτόζήτημα της διαχείρισης των ταμειακών διαθεσίμων,…..

including, Local Government gave the new Government.

published 4or September in the Official Gazette Judgment Deputy Minister of Finance, Th. Skylakakis, amending the corresponding decision C. Chouliaraki.

The amendment, Nevertheless, δεν περιλαμβάνει not a single substantive content change of, but merely to give an additional month suspension on the entry into force of the Decision.

namely, instead 1or September (set by SYRIZA), the new Government determined as the effective time 1or October.

As reasons for the extension, indicated that:

"Requires a reasonable time for the functional and technical adaptation of the General Government Agencies to the obligations arising from their participation in institutionalized Treasury Accounts

resulting, consequently, legitimate questions whether this means full acceptance of the policy of SYRIZA opposite in cash of OTA.

Recall -especially for young local and regional- that the effort to concentrate Municipalities and Regions accounts to the famous Treasury Accounts He was one of the most discussed issues that concerned the government-local government relations in recent years, from 2015 and then.

– It all started with the Act of Legislative Content 2015, που είχε εγείρει θύελλα αντιδράσεων.

– The “σίριαλσυνεχίστηκε με διαδοχικές κυβερνητικές απόπειρες επιβολής σχετικού θεσμικού πλαισίου, each time katangellontanos violating the financial independence of local authorities.

– Peaked again in January 2019, when the C. Chouliarakis issued a Decision («Overturning the finances of municipalities: Decision on cash with deadlines and obligations» Gov. is below) accepting again vehemently fire.

Τελικά στοντερματισμό”, few days before the ballot box, namely 1or July, new Decision («Cash OTA: New Decision overtime and changes» Gov. is below) κατήργησε εκείνη του Ιανουαρίου. essentially, Nevertheless, It was not going to abolish, but replace all the articles of the new, bearing point changes.

– Then the KEDE had insistedj, the President of, C. Patoulis, indicate that "The oligomini extension gives oxygen to the Municipalities, however it is a decision that is θεσμικό ατόπημα in order to depreciation Local Government ' and underlines that «the next government should proceed στην κατάργηση at issue provisions and of, to perform these, ministerial decisions».

Next came Government, but not so far brought neither repeal the law even repealing Decision Chouliaraki.

Only one-month extension to the implementation of.

GG. B’ 3389 / 4.9.2019

GG. B’ 104 / 24.1.2019

"Overthrow the finances of municipalities: Απόφαση για τα ταμειακά διαθέσιμα με προθεσμίες και υποχρεώσεις»

GG. B’ 2680 / 1.7.2019

«Cash OTA: New Decision overtime and changes»

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