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"World Water Day" -In Region N. Aegean bet on water translates into projects and deeds

not just in our glass, like everyday, to remind us that we live without it, but as a primary objective for the continuation of life on earth, securing and delivery of this supreme good in subsequent generations.

In the Region of South Aegean bet for the water is daily and translated into projects and deeds. Desalination all islands, ydrooikonomias actions, Gadoura the dam in Rhodes, inclusion and financing municipal water supply and replacement networks, as all activities concerning water.

The "white gold" as it is called is wealth for our islands. What is arid and ensured the initially water-wagons and hundreds of million cost to the state budget, what with desalination acquire the ability "of" production, They plan today desalination plants and finally you come into this design. All actors must work and watch for the requested.

Today's anniversary is not offered for celebration but for awakening, caution, work, anguish, race and design. Government, Municipalities, All organizations and every citizen must be vigilant. Very well do those who highlight the problems water supply, water and ydrooikonomias present. Let us not feel discomfort or pain none of those responsible when called, written and heard in the media or in everyday life, concerning water and the need to "be careful to have".

Let's be on the lookout for water. Supervision, maintenance, replacing networks, drinking and irrigation water separation and many others that require organization and work. The continuous and uninterrupted increase in water requirements, modern lifestyle, the need to support "heavy industry" of tourism, which is the most vital resource of the economy of the islands and our national economy, It shows the way.

The South Aegean Region, the Region Mr.. George Hadjimarkos, Divisions, executives of our Services and finally all of us who constitute the workforce, We will continue to work on matters concerning the islands and our children.

* Mr.. John is February Antiperifereiarchis Industry Energy and Natural Resources of the South Aegean Region.

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