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Packet 6 Nightmarish and painful measures to bring those who do not attend the Cadastral Offices

Nipping fines with the month, blockades in transfers, Building permits, agricultural subsidies and rental……

They estimate that the completion is impossible until 2020 and stringent and painful package examined.

Nipping fines with the month, blockade transfers, licenses are not issued for any use, μπλοκάρισμα των αγροτικών επιδοτήσεων και απαγόρευση ενοικίασης είναι μερικά από τα μέτρα που εξετάζει το υπουργείο Περιβάλλοντος να πείσει τους ιδιοκτήτες ακινήτων, to come forward and register their land in the Land Registry.

So far the picture is disappointing, as It has joined the Land less than 26% the country and there is no chance to join by the end of 2020, and the rest 74%.

In this context, Cadastre, which constitutes mnimoniaki obligation will be delayed several more, years and it is unknown if it will ever completed.

Until now the Environment Ministry faces coolly delays granting escalators extensions, and invites owners who have not yet come to the cadastral offices, to come to open folder with documents they have to fill the then.

Neither this tactic pays, leading the government to examine various scenarios. The problem is not only that it will not complete the land register within the period requested by the troika, but will not be completed within the deadlines we are committed to the EU, as a result that Greece asked to return back, funds with which funded to complete the Land Registry.

Πρόστιμα και μπλόκα

The RIS makers gather suggestions for action, with which they feel the owners to come in the cadastral offices will be forced.

This nightmarish measures are the following:

1. Multiple recurring fines and penalties

namely, the likely fine multiply each month delayed the owner to submit the application. Example, when fine provided 100 euro for the late declaration whether the delay is one month or one year, the new proposal to provide that the, will be fine 100 euro, for each month of delay. So the owner is delayed eg. 5 months, pays 500 euro fine coke.

2. The non-transferability

I will the transfer is prohibited the property is outside Lands.

  • The failure to issue a building permit

There will be a building permit can be issued for building construction in that area is the Land Registry and the prohibition of any form of exploitation.

  • The ban renting of land is outside Lands

prohibition rental, since most are rural, the measure will be particularly painful.

  • Blocking of farm subsidies

There can there agricultural subsidies land for crops that are out Lands.

  • Activation predicted fines

Fines for late declaration, provided for ten years. Nevertheless, while still not sure are activated.

Ποια είναι τα ισχύοντα πρόστιμα

Today, the calculation of the fine depends on the type, the size and position (-except in settlement) property, namely:

Right in the urban area

Για αδόμητο γεωτεμάχιο κάτω των 400 sq.m. Fine 70 euro
Για αδόμητο γεωτεμάχιο άνω των 400 sq.m. Fine 120 euro
For parcel with building up 200 sq.m. Fine 150 euro
For parcel with property than 200 sq.m. Fine 250 euro
Για διηρημένη ιδιοκτησία μέχρι 200 sq.m. Fine 100 euro
Για διηρημένης ιδιοκτησίας άνω των 200 sq.m. Fine 250 euro
Για βοηθητικό χώρο (separate property) Fine 50 euro

Δικαίωμα σε αγροτική περιοχή

For unstructured parcel under 4.000 sq.m. Fine 70 euro
Για αδόμητο γεωτεμάχιο άνω των 4.000 sq.m. Fine 100 euro
Για γεωτεμάχιο άνω των 4.000 sq.m. with building Fine 200 euro
Any other right (B.C. slavery etc.) Fine 70 euro

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