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Virgin, Omnipresent in Greece

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The amazing our bond with the mother of Jesus

And this year celebrated the Assumption in every corner of Greece, focusing on Our Lady of Tinos and the Panagia Sumela. Each Greek Island and all small and big cities of the country have….

από μία εκκλησία αφιερωμένη στην Παναγία που διαθέτει εκατοντάδες επίθετα, depending on region, and that gathers the faithful crowd Assumption.

The holy mary, the holiest of the faces of Orthodoxy, glorified in every corner of Greece.

The large worship are Greek for "mother" of God and people proven of the many names that have given the!! Blessed virgin, Ekatontapyliani, Faneromeni, Kosmosotira, Hozoviotissa, Eikosifoinissa, and Child, Eleousa, sea, Giatrissa, Myrtidiotissa and more.

, Virgin, Omnipresent in Greece

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is one of the biggest celebrations in Christendom

The preparation of the faithful begins from August 1 to fasting which lasts until mid-August, forming for the Orthodox Christians 'Easter summer'.

At 15 August thousands of believers with the soul full of hope and devotion, Make use of the countless shrines, procession where the miraculous images of the Virgin to witness their faith in the face.

, Virgin, Omnipresent in Greece

Our Lady of Tinos

The image of the Virgin Mary was found in 30 January 1823, after many efforts and "to indicate the Virgin in nun Pelagia", the historic monastery of "Our Lady of the Angels", in Kechrovouni. By Royal Decree of 1836, the celebration of the Virgin Mary was established in Tinos be eight days and lasts until the "novena of the Virgin", at 23 August, wherein in emotion atmosphere, piety and respect, chanted hymns and eulogies, in front of the bier and image. The road leading from the port to the temple of the Annunciation, wherein the image found, It is the greatest proof of the indissoluble relationship of Hellenism and Orthodoxy. This way thousands of the faithful kneeling traveled as a vow. Tinos along with the celebration of the Assumption, Greeks and honor those who perished, when the Italians torpedoed and sank the "Elli" in the port on the day of the Virgin Mary 1940.

, Virgin, Omnipresent in Greece

Saint Mary of Soumela

Panagia Sumela is a symbol of faith Pontic, although the first name of the miraculous image was Athiniotissa. The image of the Virgin Mary Sumela painted by Luke the Evangelist. After his death took her to Athens the disciple Ananias and placed in beauteous church of the Virgin. Thus initially named as Virgin Athiniotissa. At the end of the 4th century (380-386 A.D.), according to tradition, Panagia Athiniotissa appeared as a vision to the monks Barnabas and Sophronius, in Athens, and invited them to church. There they saw the figure rise from his shrine, sticking out of the window and flies toward the heavens. Simultaneously, Mary heard the saying: "I go to the East. Ahead on Mount Mela. Follow me…».

, Virgin, Omnipresent in GreeceThe monks followed her and Mount Mela, Pontus, where he stood, It built a large church and monastery. So the picture was named Sumela by "stou Mela '. The 1922, after the Asia Minor disaster, buried monks image, along with other relics. By sharing, the relics were granted and 1931 the dug up and brought to Greece, Ambrose the Soumeliotis. The image returned to Athens and remained at the Museum until 1951. Then, the Association «Panagia Sumela» Thessaloniki has proposed building a temple on the slopes of Vermio, Chestnut in Veria.

, Virgin, Omnipresent in Greece

The Virgin in Mikrokastro Kozani

Special is the celebration of the Assumption in the historic monastery of Panagia Mikrokastro, municipal Voio. Every year thousands of faithful worship the image of the Virgin Mary, dating from 1603, while impressive revival of the custom of pilgrims riders from Siatista. The custom of riders pilgrims coming from the Ottoman Empire, when an opportunity for enslaved to show their bravery and their craving for freedom.

, Virgin, Omnipresent in Greece

Notre Ekatontapyliani

The church of Panagia Hundred is located in Parikia, Paros. In the temple there are two names: "Katapoliani" and "Hundred Gates". According to tradition, the Katopoliani has ninety-nine evident doors, while the hundredth is closed and does not appear. This door will look and will open, when the Greeks take the City. Many traditions mentioned in the foundation of Hundred. The first tells that, when St. Helen mother went to Palestine to find the Holy Cross, He arrived in Paros and prayed in a small church, situated at the Hundred. During the prayer made a vow that if he finds the Holy Cross, will build in this place a great temple. The prayer has been heard. He found the Holy Cross and, making the vow of, erected the magnificent temple Ekatontapiliani. A second tradition says that the vow of Saint Helena completed her son Agios Konstantinos, Emperor of Byzantium, since she did not have.

, Virgin, Omnipresent in Greece

The "Ofiousa" Kefalonia

In southern Kefalonia, near the village of Markopoulo, It is the church of the Assumption. There, the feast of the Transfiguration of the Savior (6 August) They displayed inside and outside the church small snakes. They are called "snakes of the Virgin". In this position, says tradition, there was an old monastery of Panagia, big and rich. When the monastery was attacked by pirates nuns not to fall into the hands they begged the Virgin Mary to make the birds, or snakes. So, like serpents, most holy, turning every year in early August, and as the days go multiply. On the eve of the Assumption "flood" the temple. According to tradition, if a year snakes did not occur, bad sign. This happened 1940 and 1953, when the island was tested by earthquakes.

, Virgin, Omnipresent in Greece

Virgin Agiasos Lesvos

In the hinterland of Lesvos, Ayiassos, the Assumption is a unique experience for everyone. The eponymous image is the work of an evangelist Luke, modeled in wax and mastic. Many of the pilgrims, starting from Mytilene, walking 25 kilometers to reach the churchyard, where overnight. On the day of the feast of Our Lady, after the operation, the procession of the image around the temple, while the festivities reach their climax with the musical and dance performances on the village square.

, Virgin, Omnipresent in Greece

Our Lady of Olympos Karpathos

Different is the celebration Olympos Karpathos. Operations are deeply connected with mourning that characterizes the day of Assumption and the highlight of the traditional celebration is the dance that made the small square, front of the church of Our Lady, with musicians playing Kato Dance. Dance slow and always at a constant pitch and devout mood, keeps for hours.

The epitaph of Panagia in Patmos

On the island of Revelation, Patmos, monks observe the custom of Epitaph of the Virgin, custom with Byzantine origins. The brocaded epitaph of Panagia wandering the streets of the island in a majestic procession, while the bells of the monastery and other churches ringing nonstop.

, Virgin, Omnipresent in Greece

Koufonisia – With the boats in Panagia

The Assumption celebrates Mary Kato Koufonisi. After the service offered food from the people and then they carried on boats that make fights about who would get another Pano Koufonissi.

, Virgin, Omnipresent in Greece

Man's – Panagia Faneromeni

The Faneromeni Castle is one of the most characteristic points in Korthi area, on a hill near the village of shells. The Assumption is here a great feast at Panagia Faneromeni, inside the castle.

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