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Nationwide 24-hour strike of doctors in hospitals and health centers Wednesday

Nationwide strike and gathering in Athens, at 9:30 a.m. the metro stop "Annunciation" and then march and concentration in Health Ministry, would make doctors of hospitals and health centers, on Wednesday 23 October 2019, against “bold reforms”,…….. It plans to implement the ND government in Health.

The Federation of Hospital Doctors in Greece (OENGE)in Communication, continues:

We militant response to Kyriakos Mitsotakis who imagines that the "bold reforms" in a reactionary direction that plans to implement the ND Government in Health will be with our consent.

We know very well that "bold reforms" is nothing more than the implementation of the EU strategy and capital for the complete conversion of hospitals and "public health units' for companies, which will operate with minimal government funding and revenue from the sale of their services to patients - customers.

We know that "bold reforms" mean:

– For doctors and other health generalization of flexible labor relations, intensification, crushed wage and scientific rights.

– For patients fierce charatsoma, ensuring a "basic package" of health services, far behind the needs and completely mismatched with the achievements of science, and other benefits depending on the wallet of everyone.

These are the "unhealthy" reforms that came with forums to implement the ND government, clicking the ground she rolled the previous government of SYRIZA.

Willing ally of the government leadership team REAR (ND), which plays a leading role in promoting the reactionary plans for further privatization of health.

The only beneficiaries will be the large business groups that called Bill Kikilias to invest in health, because it is a goldmine as cynically confessed.

The pharmaceutical industry rubbing their hands with delight because you pocketed extra state money, after the sop 20 million euro that made SYRIZA.

Private insurance companies that they get jobs and enter into profitable contracts with the euphemistically public hospitals.

At 23 October clinicians along with other health colleagues strike to "cut their cough".


– Because when hospitals and health centers groaning beneath the tragic shortage of resident doctors, the government not only does not say a word about the permanent recruitment of doctors to fill thousands of empty and refuses to appoint 215 fellow, whose judgments have been completed for months.

– To put an end to labor hostage and perpetuated colleagues auxiliaries, many of whom work full months without being paid under the responsibility of both present and former government.

– Why instead to staff hospitals with young doctors and disseminates valuable experience of older working for decades in the public health system, They plan to increase the retirement age in 69.

– Why do we want to live our salary. Why deny our income and our scientific progress depend on revenue to ensure the hospital by patients - customers.

– Because we want to exercise medicine with scientific criteria and not be cut tests and treatments needed, to reduce costs and to cost more cheaply patient.

– For the defense of collective organization and union activity of workers who were targeted by the government anti-labor monstrosity, the "development bill - cleaner '. We join our voice with colleagues from other branches of public and private sector. Aborts governmental embodiments can go without moving sheet.

At 23 October strike for solutions to the acute problems facing doctors, health and patients. We demand modern wage labor and scientific rights.


– Now stop the mockery of government and to directly appoint the 215 Colleagues in the emergency department and other specialties.

– To end an employment hostage, not fired and perpetuated colleagues auxiliaries. Remove the flexible labor relations.

– Payable direct their accrued colleagues auxiliaries. Be paid directly, without cutting the total accrued call.

– Immediate restoration of our salaries to the levels of 2012. Reset the 13th and 14th salary.

– Immediate and full staffing of hospitals and Ru with permanent doctors, permanent personnel of all specialties, dedicated full-time.

– Increase state funding for public health units. Remove payments of patients for examinations, drugs and treatment.

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