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Panhellenic Exams: All changes in the admission bases and the study limit

What is changing in the admission system in higher education, how the Minimum Input Base is configured (ΕΒΕ). The study limits and the new schedule……..

The bill "Introduction to Higher Education" was officially submitted to the Parliament, protection of academic freedom, upgrading of the academic environment and other provisions "which regulates, among other things, issues concerning the new way of admission to universities in the Panhellenic Examinations, and student attendance limit.

Calculation of EBE

As defined in the bill, for the calculation of EBE per scientific field, the points that each candidate collects in the four nationally examined courses are calculated. The relevant coefficients of gravity are also calculated for the calculation of the points.


If it is EBE it is for a field 12 (average grades of all field candidates) and the Department chooses to put a rate 90% then the base for the specific Department is configured in 10,8. If EBE is 11/20 then with 90% goes down to 9,9 for the same Department. Also each department will be able to (but from next year, that is, from his examinations 2022) to define coefficients of gravity in nationwide examined courses. The candidates, said Mrs.. potter, will know BEFORE they complete the computer basics per field and per Department

It is noted that for the departments that require the examination of a special course or practical tests, the achievement of the EBE in the additional examined course is required separately, in addition to the achievement of the EBE of the school / department chosen by the candidate.

To calculate the average grade of the special course, the scores of all the candidates who claim their admission to a specific department and have been examined in that course / practical test are taken into account, regardless of their scientific field or whether they study in GEL or EPAL.

What applies to university departments that are part of two or more scientific fields

For departments that are part of more than one scientific field, then for the calculation of EBE the smallest average is taken into account in the examined courses of the scientific fields, which these sections are part of.

Changes in Computer Science

The bill proposes that the submission of the Computer Bulletin have two phases. In A.’ candidates will fill in the computerized form with a certain number of options. After the announcement of the successful ones of A.’ phase, non-imported will participate in phase B., during which their selections will include those departments that still have vacancies from A.’ phase without limiting the number of options, if the specified EBE of each department is achieved.

These settings for two phases of computer submission are scheduled to take effect from 2022.

Furthermore, with the bill gives for the first time the possibility for submission of a parallel computerized form for the study in public IEK. consequently, a candidate will be able to submit a) Computer for entrance to universities, based on their performance in the Panhellenic exams and b) Computer for registration in public IEK, based on his diploma and additional criteria in accordance with the operating regulations of IEK.

These regulations are expected to take effect from this year's Panhellenic Games.

Student Limit

The bill also establishes a maximum duration of study. In detail, the study limit is defined as follows: In the 4-year undergraduate programs, plus 2 years. In study programs in which the minimum time exceeds 4 years, plus 3 years.

Special care will be taken for students, for whom there is a serious reason for health in the person themselves or in the person of a relative

What about the student limit for those who are already students

The maximum study time will be calculated as follows:
a) for students who at the time of its entry into force have not exceeded the minimum duration of study according to the study program, the calculation is done according to what was mentioned above (4+2 years for four years, ν + 3 for the five years and so on.) and
b) for students who at the time of its entry into force have exceeded the minimum duration of study of the study program, have time to complete their studies equal to the minimum duration of study (4 years for four years, 5 for five years, coke.).

The new schedule

  • The determination of the range of EBE rates by the Ministry of Education for the current school year is completed by 28 February 2021.
  • The academic departments must choose the percentage of the EBE rate until 31 Of March.
  • Until 15 The determination of admissions per school will have been issued in April
  • Until 30 The JMC will be issued in April, which will determine the number of students admitted to military and police schools., Fire Department, AEN
  • Until 14 In May, a Ministerial Decision will determine the classification of the departments by scientific field
  • Until 31 The number of students admitted per IEK will be issued in May, as this year for the first year the students of C Lyceum will be able to complete a second computer for their admission to IEK based on their graduation degree

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