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Panhellenic Exams: What will apply to the Panhellenic Games this year and 2022

New data on how to enter Higher Education "brings" the bill of the Ministry of Education, presented last week. Although there are no changes in the way these examinations are performed,’ themselves, but in combination with the changes that have been launched by previous bills and relevant Ministerial Decisions, reasonable questions arise as to what will ultimately apply to this year’s Panhellenic and what to next year………

by year (nationwide 2021), The examination system is uniform and will apply to all candidates. Recall, that last year was a transitional year and so there were candidates who voted with the "old" and others who voted with the "new" system.

Below, follow in groups the current ones for this year's Panhellenic Examinations and those of it 2022. With prejudice, however, of what is included in the bill under consultation, as there is a possibility of elaboration of these provisions until its vote in Parliament.

What will apply to the Panhellenic Examinations 2021

The candidates, depending on the Orientation Group to which they belong, will be examined in four courses (4).

In addition to these courses, are the special courses (Foreign Languages, plan, musical skills) and practical tests (for admission to TEFAA).

Two courses per Scientific Field will have coefficients of gravity, which have been determined by the Ministry of Education.

In detail:

  • For the 1st Scientific Field (humanities, Legal and Social Sciences)

weight factor have Ancient Greek (1,3) and the History (0,7).

  • For the 2nd Scientific Field (Positive and Technological Sciences),

weight factor have Mathematics (1,3) and the physics (0,7).

  • For the 3rd Scientific Field (Health and Life Sciences),

coefficient of gravity have the Biology (1,3) and the Chemistry (0,7).

  • For the 4th Scientific Field (Economy and Information Sciences),

weight factor have Mathematics (1,3) and the Economy (0,7).

Furthermore, From this year, the new way of determining the admission bases in the university departments will apply.

Based on the Bill presented by the Minister of Education, win Kerameus, and which is expected to be voted on within the next month in order to take effect immediately, the Minimum Import Base will be established (ΕΒΕ).

The calculation procedure of EBE will be as follows:

Each university department will set as EBE a percentage of X% of the average (ΜΟ) of average performance (WITH) of all candidates in the total of four courses (M1, M2, M3, M4), of the scientific field of the candidate [ΜΟ =(MEM1 + MEM2 + MEM3 + MEM4)/4].

For example, if the Average of the average performance of all candidates of a scientific field is 11/20 and the university department has set X% at 90% of MO, the EBE for the specific department will be 9,9.

noted, that the range for the percentage X% will be determined by the ministry (B.C. 80% until 120% of MO), in which the selection of each section can move.

Chronologically, initially each department will set the percentage X% before the Panhellenic Examinations, having sub’ Consider the performance of candidates, which will have been given by the ministry to the universities earlier. Subsequently, the scores of the candidates will be released and their points will be calculated. The Minimum Admission Base will be announced after the announcement of the candidates' performance. Regarding the submission of Computer Bulletins, this will take place after the announcement of EBE. For this year, there is no change in the computer submission process.

However, under the aforementioned bill, from this year will be given the possibility of submitting a Parallel Computer for those senior students or candidates of Panhellenic Examinations interested in being admitted to public IEK. Admission will be based on the degree.

What will apply to the Panhellenic Examinations 2022

The candidates, depending on the Orientation Group to which they belong, will be examined in four courses (4), with additional courses and again special courses and practical tests. In the Panhellenic Games 2022, Nevertheless, will replace the course of Sociology with that of Latin, for the Humanities Orientation Group candidates.

also, in the Panhellenic Games 2022 weighting factors will apply again, with the difference that -according to what is expected to be voted this year in the bill under consultation- it will be possible for each department to determine which courses will have a rate, as well as its gravity.

The Minimum Admission Base procedure will also apply to the Panhellenic ones 2022.
However, for this year the new way of submitting a Computer will be valid for the first time, which includes two phases. In A.’ phase, Candidates will be able to complete the Computer Program with a limited number of options. Specifically, until 10% of all the departments of each scientific field the candidates of GEL and up to 20% Candidates EPAL. After the announcement of the successful ones of A.’ phase, non-imported will participate in B.’ phase. At this stage, The candidates' selections will include those departments that will still have vacancies from A.’ phase, without limiting the number of their options (provided that the specified EBE of each department is achieved).

End, and in the Panhellenic 2022 there will be the possibility of submitting a Parallel Computer, for admission to public IEK.

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