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Extended the submission of applications for court representatives to 25 April

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A1 Department of Supreme, in response to the request of the President of the Plenary of Bar Associations Presidents Greece and DPS extending the application deadline…….

preference / exclusion in upcoming elections and local elections, modified the electoral Circular as follows:

"Amend the Circular A1 of the Supreme Court Department as to the members of Bar Associations. The new deadline is Thursday 25/4/2019 and time 12.00».

The extension was requested, including, because several important issues relating to the conduct of the forthcoming elections "have not yet clarified in legislation, especially as the amount of compensation for legal representatives, The exact number and distribution of polling, printed or handwritten indication of the candidates 'names'.

Recall that those who Lawyers, and Interns, They wish to appoint (or excluded) as court representatives in the European elections and the local elections 2019, must submit exclusively online their application to that date, 24 hours, online at portal.olomeleia.gr (for Bar Associations involved in the information system).

In this email address will be driven by the respective banners of websites of Bar Associations.

To better serve those without access to a computer, alternatively given the ability to subject the Nil Application - Exception to the offices of the Board. (Academy 60) from 8.00 to 14.00, with Board staff assistance.

clarified that :

1) Only one (1) application may be made.

2)There is no impediment locality (place of origin and advocacy training).

3)Appointments will o Supreme Court (A1 Section).

4) They will not take into consideration requests:

a) for joint service and to appoint alternate,
b) specific polling, electoral districts or settlements, more than one municipal units, more than one municipality, more than one constituencies and will have additions, deletions or comments unless the requested, according to the application forms.

5) In appointing lawyers to not include:

a) Those who are over 67 years of age (ar.68par.5 of PD. 26/2012), ie will not include those who have natal day before the May 26th 1952.
b) Those serving a disciplinary sentence of cessation at the time of the hiring list of the Athens Court (19/4/2019).
c) Attorneys from EU countries. (Presidential. 152/2000), unless Greek Citizenship.
d) Those who nominated candidates for EP and Municipal and Regional Consultants.
In its Communication noted that those who are no Attorneys Athens financially aware (reimbursement or regulation by Piraeus Bank) subscriptions years up 2018, They will not be included in the list for appointment to be sent by the Board. the Supreme Court.

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