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Partial Lifting of Lockdown: Retail opens from Monday – Inter-municipal travel is free on weekends

The retail trade opens from Monday with strict measures and appointments – By SMS to 13032 we will go to the shops – Shopping malls are excluded – Inter-municipal travel within the prefecture is free only on weekends………….

Following a recommendation from the Committee of Scientists, the government is making adjustments to the existing measures in order to have better results at every level., announced the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management, Nikos Hardalias during the briefing on the course of the coronavirus pandemic.

As was the case with hairdressers, he stressed, the activities that will be opened, will open with rules and full implementation of protection measures.

Mr.. Hardalias stressed that "following a proposal by the Committee of Scientists, the government is redistributing the measures to give short breaths of freedom that will limit the outbreaks of over-transmission.". Note that -as with hairdressers- will open with rules on Monday at 5 April retail stores using one-time code for sale by click away and click in shop by appointment.

also, pilot from this on Saturday (3/4) and only on weekends will be allowed intercity travel by car using the code "6" for up to 3 individuals or a family.

Nikos Hardalias stood especially in this second measure and stressed κάθε in every way that the inter-municipal movements open on a pilot basis, thus sending a clear message that the government will not hesitate to take back the measure if it is found to be abused by the citizens, or use of the measure for purposes other than exercise.

-The operation of the schools will be evaluated next week, in order to open certain classes, from the 12 April and using a test.

The opening of department stores and shopping malls will also be re-evaluated. ".

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